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Following the Blues: Arsenal vs Everton

Our Tim is a passionate Everton fan, following his team across the country and now keeping you up to date on his travels supporting the blues…

I spend most of my weekends stuck on motorways and enjoying the so called delights of overpriced supplies at various service stations up and down the country.
You might be wondering what I actually do at weekends and the answer is I follow Everton home and away. So I’m at the point now where if I gave up watching Everton I could say I’ve visited every service station in England well almost every one, who knows it might be more enjoyable then watching Everton at times.
The game I went to this weekend was Arsenal away which is a nice four and half hour trip on a coach to north London. The Emirates Stadium is Arsenals newish home after they moved from Highbury in 2006 to the 60,000 all seater stadium and trust me with seats the size of a large pizza box and with a little cushion it’s a comfy seat and for 36.50 a ticket it was a pleasant surprise but unfortunately I had to face 90 minutes on my feet after a long journey which is just asking for DVT.

Arsenal Ground

As a male in my mid-20’s I enjoy a good pint I say a good pint I am well aware that Chang beer from Goodison isn’t the best with some people describing it as something you may find in a urinal, In my opinion it’s okay but it would not be high on my list of beers. Carlsberg is another hit and miss beer and as I have found virtually every Ground in the Premier League serves it as their main larger choice so really it’s a choice between Carlsberg and a Carlsberg Cider.
I sampled both at the Emirates and you’d expect for £4.50 Yes you read that right £4.50 a good pint now I know its London so the prices get bumped up so I thought okay I might be paying a bit more but what can I do. The pint I received was honestly the worst pint I have ever set my eyes on it looked more like an ice cream with the head on it. With the so called ‘pint’ finished I decided to sample Somersby Cider which I saw had been already poured into a pint cup and was waiting above the hot food counter which only added to the comic value of when the poor man who served me split the pint everywhere at this point I felt like saying “you might have saved me there mate” however I didn’t and got the pint which was as expected warm and flat.

That Pint

Now as I had breakfast and nothing else all day apart from an overpriced bottle of water at the service station I decided to sample what food was on offer at the Emirates and I was pleasantly surprised to find that along with the usual choice of pies, sausage rolls and hot dogs there was a vegetable burrito which was a taste sensation and I actually got another one at half time it was so nice.
Unfortunately the burrito was the only good thing about the match experience as Everton lost 2-1 and it was a miserable rainy night. I should have sensed it was going to be a good day after the whole episode with the pint but didn’t.

Arsenal Food
Anyway onwards and upwards next up for Everton is Norwich in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday at Goodison.
Up The Toffs!

By Tim Lloyd

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