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Following the Blues: Missing Everton this weekend?

Like many football fans I really can’t stand the international breaks, only because I find myself having nothing to do at the weekends apart from watch repeat after repeat of Bargain Hunt or Storage Hunters…. What a life I have.

So with Everton not in action till next weekend against Aston Villa at Goodison I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you all what I have done with my week and trust me its more exciting then Bargain Hunt I promise.
On Tuesday my day started like any other I went to Liverpool to pick up my Bournemouth away ticket which is like the golden ticket in Charlie and the chocolate factory. I did get a ticket but something horrifying happened while I was at Goodison. As I arrived at the Park end ticket office I was aware of a small crowd gathering around one of the ticket windows it was not until I got closer that I realised the severity of the situation, what I saw was a man collapsed on the floor and with other toffees looking after one of their own it showed that this really is the peoples club, the man also received medical attention from coaches from Everton in the Community until the paramedics took the man off to hospital.
That was an eventful day and I was proud to be an Everton fan and see how fantastic my club are at everything off the pitch. This week also marked my birthday and two of my presents were the Everton winter jumpers which are up there with last year’s effort that sold out quicker than the Bournemouth tickets.
I also got the chance to meet a man that older evertonians believed walked on water and he was the winner of a tabloid papers competition of a 10 thousand pound prize for scoring 30 goals in a season. I am of course talking about Bob Latchford who was promoting his book called A Different Road. The Evening was entertaining and he told us all about different stories from his life both on and off the pitch.
Getting back to my opening statement the other reason I can’t stand international breaks is the risk of Everton players getting injured which is a constant worry with the size of the squad. Say for instance Romelu Lukaku gets injured although there are players in the squad who can play as a striker not many can cause the trouble that Lukaku can, just look at what he has done the past few weeks. A big well done to Gerard Deulofeu on scoring a hat trick for the Spain U21s as he seems to be getting better and better as I mentioned a few weeks ago he will become a very special player.
Finally if you really can’t cope with the break Football Manager 2016 is out now and is just the ticket to cure those Premier League withdrawal symptoms.

Bring on next Saturday when the blues face Villa at Goodison.

Up the Toffs

By Tim Lloyd

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