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Following the Blues: Why can’t more pubs show Everton games

By Tim Lloyd

I did something last week that I hate, that was missing an Everton game but when the chance of a trip to Krakow was the other option it wasn’t as bad.

The problem I faced though was as Everton aren’t as globally recognised as our loveable red neighbours there was nowhere to watch the game. Every Irish pub, English pub or sports bar had football on but not the boys in blue. I had to rely on my dad texting me score updates which trust me wasn’t cheap but was worth it when I heard the score was 4-0.

It was just my luck that the one game I missed was the game where Roberto Martinez’s masterplan fell in place and completely destroyed a very weak and struggling Villa team. Two of the most promising players in a blue shirt made their presence known with a brace from both Ross Barkley and Romelu Lukaku. Only getting to see the highlights at 11 o’clock polish time as I was eating in a restaurant was very weird I wasn’t complaining though as I got to at least see the goals and some fantastic team work to set up the first goal.

One thing that I did notice while I was out in Poland apart from the cheap beer was the fact that a lot of the English people on holiday had a soft spot for the blues and in particular the style of football that they play. The group of Geordies staying at the same hostel as myself and my friends were in awe at the quality in depth that Everton had, it wasn’t long before they started singing the praises of Barkley, Lukaku and John Stones and the surprise inclusion of Brendan Galloway who all blues know is the business but it was nice to hear other fans say so.

Hopefully this is the last game I shall miss this season and I can’t wait for this Saturday to tick of a new ground on my map of England when Everton are away to Bournemouth. Three points is a must and with the victory against Villa it’s the right type of boost that you need going into the dreaded winter period.

I’m off to recover from Krakow.

Up the Toffs.

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