A Food Lovers Guide to May in Liverpool

By Alex Dop

As we enter the better end of spring, getting out of the house is becoming more and more appealing. And, what makes any day out in the spring air even better? Food. Obviously.

Well, as ever, Liverpool is never short of new restaurants, new menus, new offers and foodie events to make dining out just that little bit more delicious. We’ve joined the Free-volution with this month’s food guide and included a number of coeliac friendly eateries for you to try out, also get your meat feast at Red Dog Saloon, and give a bit to charity when you dine at Pancho’s! Eat food and be merry!

Foodie Event of the Month – Vegan Pudding Club @ Leaf 23/05

The LEAF Pudding club celebrates a love of the sweet stuff, but just for the final course; for all 5! This month’s edition sticks a vegan twist on to the whole affair, meaning that you can feel that little bit better about stuffing yourself full of these extraordinary desserts. All puddings are homemade and, in true LEAF style, are to be washed down with a warming cup of tea, of which you have the pick of the bunch.

Click here to catch up on our coverage of Coeliac Awareness Week and add your favourite Liverpool gluten-free eateries to the growing list.

Deal of the Month – Superhero @ Pancho’s Burritos

May’s deal of the month is a little different. This deal isn’t here to benefit your wallet, but your karma, and the lives of children who are less than fortunate. £1 from every burrito bought at Bold Street’s new street food vendor goes to Cash for Kids in association with Radio City 96.7 & Radio City 2.

When out and about, a burrito is as handy as it is tasty, perfect for being on the go. When you add that to making a difference such as this, everyone is a winner.

Dish of the Month – Blackened Pizza @ Crust

We’ve wanted to add this to our Food Lover’s Guide for a while now, and, as the theme for this month is being out and about in the spring air, pizza just makes sense. Whether trying to force a slice in your mouth on the go, or sitting down for a quick bite, pizza is the ultimate fast food.

So, this is a pizza with a dark twist. Crust’s Blackened pizza has a black base made using a vegetable charcoal, said to promote health benefits such as reducing bloating, and improving reflux and heartburn. It is unique to the Liverpool Pizzeria and was thought to be a first in the UK when first curated. This obscure feast looks like nothing you’ve ever had before, strangely adding something extra to the whole affair. Meaty and veggie options available.

Vegan/Veggie Venue of the Month – LIV Organic and Natural Food Market

Vegan eateries are popping up all over the shop these days. Bold Street’s latest edition is one of the biggest yet, taking over the space once occupied by Argos and REX Concept Store. LIV aims to become Merseyside’s equivalent to the American chain, Whole Foods, but with a twist. As well as a varied choice for vegetarians and vegans, there are many a gluten-free option and organic health care/beauty products on offer.

I know what you’re thinking, this is meant to be about restaurants, café’s etc., not shops! Well, LIV also includes a bakery and the LIV Eatery café, open for breakfast and lunch, which adds an artisan twist to some light bite favourites.

(M)Eatery of the Month – Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon is a tried a tested formula and chain coming from London, however, it is brand spanking new to Liverpool and the North West as whole! Bringing its huge menu to make your bellies just as huge, Red Dog Saloon is renowned for its succulent meats and crowd-pleasing food challenges (including the Hot Wings Challenge and The Devastator burger).

This is the perfect place for an early evening out with a big group. The US smokehouse thing has been done a lot, however, when it is done this well, you just can’t argue with it as a no nonsense, taste bud pleasing feast for the whole crowd. Check it out this week with special 2-4-1 cocktails and 2-4-1 lunch offers on all burgers, Monday to Friday 12-4pm. To have a proper look around, and find out more reasons why this will be your new favourite (m)eatery, just watch the video above!

If you have the meal of your life, or maybe you’re opening an eatery of any kind, we want to know! Get in touch, email  alex@theguideliverpool.com or tweet us @TheGuideLpool and we’ll share the foodie love.

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