Game Of Thrones and Twitter team up ahead of eighth and final season

Twitter has teamed up with Game Of Thrones in advance of the show’s eighth and final season, revealing hashtags and emoji for 20 of the main characters and a new portrait for each.

The epic drama of politics, war, sex and magic returns to the screens for its final instalment in April, and producers HBO were keen to whip up excitement.

Fans were invited to vote for who they would most like to see on the famous Iron Throne by tweeting on the relevant hashtag.

But as well as the emoji, fans were eager to discuss new portrait photographs of the remaining main characters – each in new costumes and sitting atop the throne made from swords.

Twitter users were quick to take the individual pics and arrange them in their favourite pairings, like Jon and Danaerys.

Or in the relevant families, like the Lannisters.

And the Starks.

Some couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Jon Snow and an old photo of his father Ned.

While others questioned whether Sansa’s “fish-scale” style outfit is a reference to her mother’s family, whose sigil was a silver trout.

A lot of people enjoyed their first look at the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne.

And who might be powerful enough to defeat him.

While Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, was excited all by herself.

But amid all the anticipation, some people felt that one central member of royalty was missing from the promotional material.

The first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will air on April 14.

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