Global Scouse Day is back and this info you need

Chefs across the UK are being urged to participate in the 5th annual Global Scouse Day (GSD), this February. 

Global Scouse Day 2017 takes place on February 28th with restaurants, cafés and pubs putting this traditional dish at the forefront of their menu’s in a celebration of Liverpool culture.

Last year, venues far and wide showed appreciation for Liverpool’s finest culinary export as GSD was celebrated in New York, Washington and San Diego as well as multiple locations around the UK.

Building on that success, GSD organisers are hoping the 2017 event will be even bigger.

GSD founder, Laura Worthington said: “Global Scouse Day gets bigger and better every year, with over 150 restaurants putting scouse on their menu in 2016.

“We’re so proud of how the city and beyond have gotten behind the event and made it what it is, we’re really excited to see who will embrace the spirit of the city in 2017.”

Whether you make it with beef or lamb (or both, or neither) there’s a recipe to suit everyone, which is why our city’s official dish has passed the test of time.

Always a conversation starter, its unsurprising that GSD 2017 has attracted a number of high profile organisations, including Virgin trains, Liverpool and Everton Football clubs, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and a host of city restaurants.

Participants are provided with a basic recipe and can download printable promotional posters to display ahead of the event.

The majority of participating venues have pledged their support to the GSD 2017 nominated charity, The Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust, and will donate a percentage of their scouse sales via the GSD JustGiving page, online.

To join the Global Scouse Day celebrations, email or sign up online at

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