We got a tour of Agent Marketing, the office everyone is talking about…

Based in the city’s Baltic (or Creative) Quarter Agent Marketing is the workplace that is on everyones lips, not only here in Liverpool, but thanks to The One Show across the country too.

Last week the company was featured on the show after beginning a trial of an idea taken from Sweden, all staff work a six hour day and must take a mandatory hour long lunch break. This free’s up time for employees in the evening, and makes the working day much less ‘stressful’ meaning it becomes more productive, and apparently so far, so good.

It isn’t only this idea though that makes Agent Marketing unique – Does your workplace have a table tennis table? Or regular massages for staff? Music playlists suited to the type of work being done? Or…what about an office dog called Leo?

Jay went to visit Agent and met with Managing Director, Paul Corcoran to get a little tour and find out more about the place we all want to work at.

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