GUIDE LIVE: We are high above Castle Street at Town Hall Liverpool with your weekend roundup

The plan was simple, we go and we film Friday’s two minute roundup for Liverpool on the roof of Town Hall Liverpool, things didn’t quite go to plan.

Liverpool’s Town Hall dates back to 1754 and tours are available every month. Within the Dome on top o the building lies that huge clock face and we got to send our camera up top to capture the views. We were supposed to film the bulletin above there too, but our Jay’s little wobbly legs couldn’t hack the heights, so we made do with the very snowy, but comfortable balcony overlooking Castle Street.

This weekend you have lots to look forward to including a night of Motown at The Merchant a silent disco for the kids at Constellations and a Paranormal Investigation at Liverpool Empire. Plus if you are getting married anytime soon there are three different wedding fairs for you to choose from.

All that and more in today’s Guide Live from Liverpool Town Hall, and keep up to date across the weekend by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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