Happy Birthday John Lennon – Here’s how you can celebrate the life of Liverpool’s most famous son

Raise a glass to Liverpool’s most famous son, John Lennon by visiting the places and tributes to his incredible talent and career.

The man, the legend. John Lennon would have celebrated his 79th birthday today. Born on 9th October 1940, the boy from Menlove Avenue went on to become a fully fledged inspirational icon. Through his music, writing, activism, ideologies and love, John along with his Beatles band mates and soul mate and wife Yoko Ono conquered the world.

Liverpool Statue

In his early years John made Liverpool is playground and inspiration. Fans can trace his footsteps across the city landscape. From Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, to the pubs and clubs that nurtured his musical talent all the way back to his childhood home, John Lennon is woven into the very fabric of the city.

We’re taking the opportunity to pay homage to the great man by re-tracing his steps across many of the places made famous through his music and those that celebrate his genius. Happy Birthday John.

Here’s 10 ways to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday in Liverpool….

1 – Double Fantasy

All Lennon fans have to see the Double Fantasy – the free exhibition at Museum of Liverpool. Never before seen artefacts, hand written lyrics, photos, videos and music make up this must-see exhibition which details the creativity and love between John and Yoko. More info here. 

2 – The Cavern

The Cavern

It has to be The Cavern, doesn’t it? If you were to have a pint with John himself, it would have to be at this iconic, world famous, basement bar which played such a pivotal role in his legendary career. Here’s 10 things you never knew about The Cavern. 

3 – Beatles Pub Crawl

If you’re having it large and doing John proud today, why not take on our Beatles pub crawl? Taking in no fewer than 7 Liverpool boozers, each with their own unique connection to the boys, see if you’re still standing by the time you get to Mathew Street. The full pub list here.

4 – The Beatles Story

This Royal Albert Dock visitor gem has just celebrated its busiest summer to date – proving the Beatles popularity is as strong as ever. The award-winning Beatles Story is jam-packed with incredible artefacts, rare photos, hands on activities for the kids and more. Book your tickets here. 

5 – Visit 251 Menlove Avenue

John Lennon

Who could possibly have guessed that an unassuming 1930’s semi-detached house in Liverpool could become such a mecca for rock n roll fans! A visit to 251 Menlove Avenue to Mendips as its also known, is like a homecoming for all John Lennon fans. The place a creative visionary spent his formative years song writing and playing guitar is always busy with fans wanting a selfie with that blue plaque. More here. 

6 – Selfies With John

John Lennon

By Nando Machado

Are you really a Lennon fan if you’ve not taken a selfie next to his statue on Mathew Street? Casually leaning against the wall opposite The Cavern, you can get nice and cosy next to him for the selfie every teenage girl coveted back in the day. Don’t forget to head to the Pier Head where you’ll find all four Beatles immortalised in statue form in the shadow of the Royal Liver Building. More here. 

7 – Strawberry Fields

John Lennon

Have you seen the brand new Strawberry Fields visitors centre? It’s nothing short of stunning having had a massive makeover. There’s now a permanent exhibition featuring memorabilia, interviews, multimedia exhibits and more. Explore the tranquil landscaped gardens, a relax with a coffee in the community cafe. More info here. 

8 – Magical Beatles Museum

Just along from The Cavern you’ll find the Magical Beatles Museum. Launched by Roag Best, fifth Beatle Pete Bests’ brother, this popular attraction is home to more than 1,200 items belonging to to band. George Harrison’s Futurama guitar, Pete Bests drumkit and John Lennon’s Sgt Pepper medals are highlights. More info here. 

9 – Hard Days Night Hotel Blake’s Bar

John Lennon

No tribute to John would be complete without a cocktail or two at Hard Days Night Hotel. Blake’s Bar, The Lounge & Bar Four are the premier places to dine, relax and drink while listening to the anthems that have spanned the generations. Info and menus here. 

10 – The Philharmonic Pub

John Lennon

John Lennon lived in the Georgian Quarter with his best friend, and original bass player of The Beatles, Stuart Sutcliffe. They would drink on Hope Street and one of their locals is said to have been The Phil. Years later a quote from John has stood the test of time. He said:” the price of fame was no longer being able to have a pint in The Phil.”



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