We are hearing whispers that one of the biggest Halloween Lantern Carnivals ever is heading to Liverpool

There is a rumour flying around the city today that we could be in for a real treat this Halloween as the Lantern Company have confirmed that a truly extraordinary event for all the family is due to unfurl in Liverpool on Sunday, October 29, 2017..

The highly secretive Bare Bones Tours plc is organising an ‘afterlife tourist trip’ to Liverpool for shadowy inhabitants… and we can confirm that there have already been sightings of these strange entities scouting out locations right across the city!

The trip is being advertised as “a whopper once-only whirlwind of a night” and “the best trip of your afterlife”, with the out of this world visitors, of all shapes and sizes, arriving through a portal in an undisclosed city centre location, for a mysterious tour of the city.

The visit is being organised under the auspices of a huge scale Halloween Lantern Carnival, the likes of which will never have been seen before in the city centre, and will undoubtedly be an incredible spectacle to behold for Earthly beings of all ages.

Secret sources have revealed that hundreds of underworld inhabitants, dressed in the finest Halloween disguise, including illuminated giant beasts, skeletons and ghostly dancing apparitions, deathly street bands and other monstrosities will be crawling up through the cracks and partying through Liverpool’s streets like there’s no tomorrow. Lady Laudanum, Grande Dame of the Underworld and CEO of Bare Bones Tours plc is said to be heading up the carnival parade herself, in an unprecedented appearance this side of the River Styx.

The parade is rumoured to be emerging from a secret location at the top of the city and will make its way, flapping, hopping and rattling through the city streets down towards the river, where it is believed it will disappear as quickly as it arrived.


Keep up to date with all of teh latest news about the spooktacular carnival via the Lantern Company’s Twitter page.

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