More Heat:Less Sleep? Our Top Tips for Getting a Good Kip in warm weather

The weather has been absolutely wonderful this week and while we’re definitely not complaining, it seems like we’ve traded in sleep for the privilege.

Having dusted off our sunnies and slathered on the factor 50, we’ve enjoyed after work drinks in the beer gardens and even invested in some new summer clobber…….none of which helps when it comes to trying to sleep.

With temperatures still around the 19 degrees mark at 1am, we’ve been stifling jaw-cracking yawns, to have a chat with The Sleep Council who helped us put together the following list of top tips to help you get a good night’s sleep!


1. Open windows and doors to create a draught, but keep curtains or blinds drawn during the day to keep the sun out. Might sound a bit obvious this one but coming home to a cool house after a red hot day in the office is like a little bit of paradise!

2. If you’ve got a loft, try opening the hatch. Hot air rises and this will give it somewhere to go rather than your baking hot bedroom.

3. Get rid of the duvet and blankets, and use a cotton sheet or a summer duvet with a low tog rating.


4. Wear light cotton jarmies. This is actually better than wearing nothing at all as natural fabric will absorb sweat. Ewwwwww.

5. If you’ve got long hair, tie it back. Hair around your neck can make you feel warmer, so even if man buns were so 2015, get a bobble in and get a good kip.

6. Have a cool shower or bath before bedtime and drink plenty of cold water during the evening to lower your body core temperature.

7. Avoid too much caffeine, alcohol or a big meal. They can all make you feel hot and steamy in the middle of the night (not in a good way) through dehydration and over-active digestion.


8. If you’re really brave, put a hot water bottle filled with ice cold water in bed or chill a pillow case in the fridge before bedtime.

9. Cool socks in the fridge and stick them on before bed. Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body.

11. If you share a bed, make sure it’s big enough for two people, so you can sleep without disturbing each other. No one in their right mind wants to cuddle in this weather. No one!


12. If all else fails, get yourself to Tesco, Asda or Argos and fight your way through the masses for an electric fan! If it’s really warm The Sleep Council suggests putting a little tray of ice cubes in front of it to cool the air a bit more

If you struggle to sleep check out for more details on sleeping with a snoring partner and tips for beating insomnia too.

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