Hidden Gems: 10 of Liverpool’s Best Venues

Liverpool is well known for its vibrant music and arts scene. Some of the top acts in the worlds of music, theatre and comedy perform to large audiences at The Philharmonic Hall, Echo Arena and the O2 Academy. Scratch beneath the surface though and you’ll find some wonderful smaller, more intimate venues which can host some really special nights. Here’s a rundown of 10 of our favourites.


The Lantern Theatre

The Lantern Theatre - Hidden Gems
Situated towards the Albert Dock side of the Baltic Triangle – a vibrant area of some of the city’s most interesting goings-on – The Lantern Theatre puts on touring plays, comedians as well as local musicians and other arty performances. This intimate space has a lovely bar joined on to its 50-odd seater venue as well.


The Garage
This converted warehouse space is a new venue on the citys dance scene. Hosting internationally acclaimed DJs and some of the most enjoyable nights The Guide has had the pleasure of attending, The Garage on Greenland Street is softening the blow of being without Nation for a few months.



Formerly known as The Picket, District is a venue which pops up now and then with a corker of a show on. You’re likely to see this former warehouse in much more regular use after the sad closure of the Kazimier in December.


24 Kitchen Street

24 Kitchen Street - Threshold Festival

Another boon to the dance music scene in the city, Kitchen Street has made a name for itself by hosting techno, house and trance nights which surpass most others in terms of quality and vibe.


The Well Space
This artsy space on Roscoe Street may be immensely difficult to locate, but anyone who manages it is in for a treat. Hosting some far-out evenings featuring the best in the city’s underground performance artist, The Well Space could be the heir to a crown which hasn’t found a bonce since the closure of Mello Mello in 2014.


81 Renshaw Street

81 Renshaw Street Liverpool's best Venues - The Guide Liverpool
As with The Well Space (and just around the corner) the imaginatively named 81 Renshaw Street is a marvellous incubator for exciting comedy talent in the city. There is also a wonderful café which is open during the day serving fantastic sandwiches and other tasty morsels.



Fredericks - Best Venues - The Guide Liverpool
The space at the back of Frederiks on Hope Street hosts a regular Jazz Night which transports you to New York, New Orleans or even more far out depending on the act. It’s a great way to spend a weeknight, especially with a great range of delicious drinks stocked at the bar.


The Caledonia

The Caledonia - Best Venues - The Guide Liverpool
Affectionately known as The Cali, this Catharine Street boozer has gone from strength to strength after the threat of closure only a couple of years ago. Now, on most nights of the week you will find live jazz, Americana, country or folk performances and the house captivated.



Quickly becoming not-such-a-hidden gem, the team at Constellations have worked hard to put this venue on the map. Hosting the fantastic No Homers events (A Simpsons-inspired extravanza early in the year and a Jurassic Park one in October) as well as other occasions which have made great use of both the outside and indoor space on offer in the venue, Constellations has won the hearts of many a regular to the Baltic Triangle area of the city.


Buyers Club

Buyers Club - Hidden Gems - The Guide Liverpool
Officially only opening its doors in October, Buyers Club is another venue which will not stay secret for long. Situated behind the Old Blind School on Hardman Street – this multipurpose venue (bar, restaurant and gig venue in three different rooms) will quickly bring in the food, drink and music connoisseurs.

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