The Guide Liverpool Fringe Festival 2018 gets underway on June 3rd. Check out the full line-up for the event below.


Ugly Bucket Theatre

Frederik’s Hope Street; 7th June, 18:00 & 20:30; Tickets: £5

Everyone says that university is the best three years of your life! So what happens next?
Based on true experiences told by graduates, join three clowns as they leave student life behind in an explosion of energy, honesty, dance, movement, techno, and plain silliness.

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Fluid Present Pick ‘n’ Mix

Allstars Casting ( Gender Fluid )

Casa Hope Street, 11th June; 17:00; Tickets: £7 & £5 (unwaged/OAPs/Students)

“Laughter and tears. Love and hate. Highs and lows. Calm and chaos. Fringe fears and Fringe frivolity. A cornucopia of delights – all in one night! Intrigued? Come and see Liverpool’s newest talent…”


George Melling (Th’Owd Chap) with Ar Sharon – & Special Guests LiveKennedys

Thunder’s Mouth Theatre

The Pilgrim; 9th & 16th June; 18:30; Tickets: Pay What you Feel

George Melling, pensioner performance poet and storyteller shares his powerful insights into the human condition with a smidgen of bare-faced cheek, along with spoken-word artist, eclectic storyteller Sharon Lowe. Special guests LiveKennedys (Flloyd and Roderick) perform traditional and modern folk with a touch of clown.

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Good Vibrations

Cathouse Productions

81 Renshaw Street, 5th June, 21:00; Tickets: £6

A small community radio manages to get a big time interview. When they receive a call that he will be half an hour early panic ensues.

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Hans and His Magical Wheel of Tales

The Rhubarb and Custard Theatre Company

The Bombed Out Church; 2nd & 3rd June, 12:30 & 14:30; Tickets £2 or £5 family ticket (2 adults, 2 children)

Hans and his magical wheel of tales invites you to join him on his adventures through his most famous stories! He needs your help in finding a Princess for Prince Olaf, defeating the goblins with the Tin Soldier and finding a home for Thumbelina!


King of The World by Brian Coyle

EB Productions

81 Renshaw Street; 6th & 7th June, 19:30; Tickets: £5 or £6 special deal with the twin play that evening. 

“What happens when a man with an enormous thirst for power, but a brittle ego is made King of the World? Told from the perspective of three of his lowliest subjects, in this dark comedy it seems even with unlimited power he’s still not satisfied.”

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Opened Box by Merv Jones

Go Go Entertainment

The Caledonia; 13th-16th June, 20:00; Tickets £7

Eight Stories-Three Voices: Short tales that include Love, life, grown-up games, cult legends, stolen birds and stubborn Evertonians.

Written and directed by Merv Jones


Pub Quiz by Chris Daley

Courtyard Players

The Jacaranda; 5th & 6th June, 19:30; Tickets: £4.50

A pub quiz team’s night is shattered when a previous member unexpectedly joins their team bringing along his new girlfriend. Over pints and pettiness, fights and frenzy, the team have to find a way to work together in order to win the ultimate prize.

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‘TIME’ showcased by Art Clinic

Central Library; 16th June, 19:00; Tickets: £5.50

The Art Clinic is an arts and health organization. They design and deliver creative workshops and produce resources to promote health. The event is an audio soundscape on the theme of Time, which includes the work of 15 local writers. The ethos of The Art Clinic is to work with the community to explore specific challenges that people face and from this, to create work that is beneficial to others. The Art Clinic used the theme of Time as a stimulus to create a piece of work that would encourage people to think about life, because when people are unwell or unhappy it can be helpful to expand their focus in order to find perspective.  This event will raise for activities at Liverpool Sunflowers Cancer Care Centre

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The Netherley Mystery Plays

Valley Players

Valley Theatre; 9th & 10th June, 13:00; Tickets: Pay What You Think

A series of short mystery plays based upon stories from the bible and performed in an entertaining fashion as part of the Liverpool Fringe at The Valley Theatre.

Mystery plays are amongst the earliest formally developed plays in Medieval Europe.

The plays focus on the representation of stories from the bible, with suitable subjects such as The Creation, The Flood, Noah’s Ark, Cain and Abel, as well as stories from the New Testament -all delivered in a knockabout fashion!

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The Netherley Modern Mystery Plays

Valley Players

Valley Theatre; 15th & 16th June, 19:30; Tickets: £5/£4

The Netherley Mystery Plays Project continues with modern interpretations of  typical bible stories by local writers, putting a contemporary twist to the traditional tales and setting them in the present time.

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The Plumbing by Franki Le-Voguer

Bespectacled Theatre Company

The Casa; 14th, 15th & 16th June, 19:30; Tickets: £7/£6

Vera knows too much about sex. Will doesn’t know enough. Two lifelong friends share their weird, wonderful and downright ridiculous sexual experiences over a cuppa or two. This raucous comedy ultimately asks us – how much do we really learn growing up?

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Tinderella: an adult pantomime by David Jeffery, Louise Gregson & Paul Arends


Frederiks Hope Street, 6th & 13th June, 21:00; Tickets: £5

This is the story of Tinderella on the hunt for a sexy fella. She bags a date in Wetherspoons with Z-list celeb Spencer Matthews: will she get a happy ending? Panto, but not for kids.

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Unanswered Questions by Times of 13

Times of 13

81 Renshaw Street; 13th & 14th June, 19:30; Tickets: £5

Unanswered Questions, is a collection of short comedy performances, aiming to answer some important cultural questions. We offer you humour and resolution, but most importantly answers.

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Make it Write

The Hope Street Theatre; 15th & 16th June; 19:30; Tickets: £11/£9 (concession)

Four very different plays in one evening celebrating the spirit of strong women. Ranging from a passionate need to confront the past, a novel way of tackling terminal illness, rising above cruelty and poverty and a mother’s harrowing relationship with her highly-dangerous son.   

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Yes! Because…by Flloyd Kennedy

Thunder Mouth Theatre

The Jacaranda; 3rd June, 15:00, 4th June, 19:00; Pay What you Think

Celebrate the seven ages of woman with stories, songs and sonnets. Part cabaret, part theatre and all heart, June Bloom might be getting on, but she’s not going quietly! “not-to-be-missed poetic, charming and unique piece of theatre – a real gem” *****

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Monster Mind devised by Brada Rossa

Brada Rossa 

81 Renshaw Street, 12th June, 9pm; Tickets: £5, (or £6 with twin show at venue)

Have you got a little voice in your head that tries to convince you to do naughty things? Come and join Brada Rossa Theatre on a physical journey where inanimate objects speak and the audience is invited to a world of play, clown and puppetry. Monster Mind is a story of someone that could quite easily be you or me.

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Le Lucciole – The Breath Of The World

81 Renshaw Street; 12th June, 7:30pm; Tickets £5 (or £6 with Monster Minds)

A mock progressive art-rock band mixing clown, comedy and live original music, Le Lucciole will illuminate your journey through a “high-art, high-concept, metaphysical, musical dream” (Their words). The result is a bizarre and comical tongue-in-cheek trip into the ridiculous.


Venus Rising by Ian Salmon

Hope Street Theatre, 6th-9th June, 19:30; Tickets: £13 (£10 concessions)

Featuring James Sutton of Holyoaks and Emmerdale, Venus Rising tells the tale of another James, a man who only ever wanted to be a great author but instead became a massively popular writer of ‘adult’ literature in the post ‘Fifty Shades’ world. He’s wildly successful, stupidly rich, thoroughly miserable, drinking too much and had driven his wife away.

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Confessions of a Touring Nun by James Lacey

Hope Street Theatre, 10th & 17th June; 17:00; Tickets: £10.75

After touring the UK in musicals such as ‘SHREK’, ‘9 TO 5’ and ‘THE SOUND OF MUSIC’, JAMES LACEY is stepping out of the habit and into the spotlight once more for an evening of musical comedy

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Home Sweet Home

Written & performed by Mary-Frances Doherty. 

81 Renshaw Street; Wednesday 6th June 2018, 9pm; Tickets: £5.00

Home Sweet Home is a hilarious and heartbreaking tale of a young girls journey and desperate quest to entertain. With cakes at the ready, Mary-Frances Doherty dazzles in this compelling, and at times extremely painful, exploration of the idea of home.
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