Layla Flaherty has joined The Guide Liverpool

We are delighted in The Guide Liverpool office as our team has expanded to include the lovely Layla Flaherty. Model, businesswoman, reality TV star & all round lovely person – Layla has done it all and will be bringing you regular updates as to what she is up to, as she edges closer to launching something very exciting for Liverpool and….it’s pooches.

Hello, My name is Layla Flaherty, I am 31 living in Liverpool the past 10 years but originally from Galway in the west coast of Ireland. You may or may not know me but I starred on the scripted reality show Desperate Scousewives on E4, which was a loosely based reality TV show about Liverpool. I was the bunny boiler of the show..  After DSW I went on to film a few other exciting projects, Celebrity Salon with Nikki Grahame, The big fat breakfast show with Brian Dowling and The Late Late Show in Dublin which is similar to the Jonathan Ross show here in the UK. I am a sucker for reality TV but since taking part I realise how very little is factual and how much the producers have their input for added entertainment.

Before I went into TV, I have always done modelling, which I started from the age of 12 in Ireland. Modelling is something I have always enjoyed and I mean what girl doesn’t love fashion?? At the age of 28 I decided to embark on my greatest challenge to date, going back to university as a mature student. I absolutely loved the student life and no I never went to any student nights I just loved being a student, it’s so different to being at school and you meet some amazing people and yes the party lifestyle is an added bonus. When I finished my final year in Uni I literally went straight into reality TV. Do I regret it? Slightly yes, but all I can do now is take the positives from it and here I am to date with my own business – Urban Paws UK.

Urban Paws UK is an animal actor’s agency. I have always wanted to work with animals especially dogs so I had been thinking how can I utilise my TV & media contacts and love of fashion and animals whilst being my own boss? So I came up with the idea.  Urban Paws supply clients with dogs, to feature in Advertising, Photography, Marketing or Film/TV projects that come to us with very specific requirements in terms of breed, looks and character. It’s been such an exciting project so far especially seeing some of our dog models on Tv commercials. Most agencies in the UK are London based, yet there are so many production companies, talent and dog owners based up north so it’s a fantastic way for dog owners and companies to work together.

Urban Paws animal agency is only the start, I plan to open a 7 star dog hotel in the next 6 months, which is super exciting as this will not be just any ordinary hotel. I will fill you in on that on my next blog post. If you would like to checkout Urban Paws then please visit

Speak soon.

Layla x

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