Liverpool Fashion Week Day 4: Reviewed

Liverpool fashion Week closed tonight with an extravaganza of fashion from various designers such as, Childsplay clothing, Rule One London, Pandorella, Spoilt Boutique, Friperie and Niche. Now to Most men that list just sounds like a list of the latest pop groups or the runners in last year’s Grand National, I was the same before tonight. I am no fashionista but tonight’s show really was an eye opener into the wonderful world of fashion.

The night started with a bang courtesy of Childsplay clothing, whose young models really put on an energetic performance to get the crowd ready for what was to come. With a mixture of eye catching fashion and dance that mixed into one to create a great start to the show.
Rule One were next to take to the cat walk, I was instantly drawn into the conclusion of there are a lot of dresses that looked more formal wear but there were also a great mixture of what I would say are going out to the shops-esc clothes. This effect was managed by combinations of fur and leather and again being a male who is new to fashion I picked up on the use of handbags with these outfits and could even with my lack of fashion knowledge see the difference between styles.

Colour was the key to success for Pandorella with the use of very bright materials and mixture of style of dress complimenting the vibrant enthusiastic show put on by the younger models. It reminded me a bit of a bag of skittles as there was every colour you could think of on show from the Pandorella team. There were dresses that in my eyes looked like piñatas with other outfits leaning towards the hippy vibe it was an interesting and colourful experience for my first fashion event.
The experiences carried on when Spoilt Boutiques took to the floor with a interesting spin on dresses. As I have mentioned fashion is an area that is still fairly new to me so when I saw a woman walk down the catwalk in what I could only describe as a swimming costume I was a bit shocked and thought in the words of my Grandma you would catch your death in that, but then realised this is fashion. Black seemed to be a running theme in a lot of the pieces but it was nicely broken up with a few eye catching colourful numbers.

After what I had just seen I was unsure what to expect next on a night that had thrown up a lot of surprises and there were more to come with the collection from Friperie. I was instantly reminded of Disney’s Aladdin when I first saw a lot of this collection due to the mass amounts of rich colour and gold trim and sequins. I was then whisked back in time with other dresses reminding me of a 1930-esc theme which did not look out of place in the modern day.
Niche was the final collection to grace the catwalk with a sophisticated and elegant collection of a wedding dress style but with a very unique twist. Mixing new and old styles together to come out with a result that was show stopping.
I left the Marina Bar and Grill with a head filled full of fashion ideas and was finding myself looking differently at how people were dressed.
Fashion is Alive and Well in Liverpool, Bring on Next Year.

By Tim Lloyd


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