Liverpool Fashion Week Opening Night: Reviewed

We sent our fashion blogger Lauren to the opening of night of Liverpool Fashion Week at The Liner Hotel…

Toddling along in my chunky boots and waterfall jacket, the trek to The Liner Hotel was an exciting one. Spotting many fashionistas strutting along a red carpet always adds that extra special something, not to mention when your names are ticked off the guest-list. The evening was consistently perfect from the gorgeous Amanda Moss, who was sporting a rather glittery jumpsuit – something I need to purchase.

Drink in hand, I took a seat on the back row, soaking up the decor of The Liner’s boat themed suite.

Taking in an array of glitz and glam it was time for supporters, Childsplay Clothing to take to the stage. Serious modelling potential from a group of absolutely adorable kids received some of the best coverage of the night. Big hair, cheeky smiles and lots of attitude rocked a number of cute clothes – we’re talking pom-poms, braces and leather-look leggings.

Moving on from proud parents to some real sparkly gems. Part one of Diamonds are Forever, designed by Erica Wildflower, dazzled us all. Diamanté wrap dresses mixed with short playsuits worked in conjunction with the nautical theme. Broken up by music from the stunning Oh Deary Me, Part two included some medieval nods with a club mash-up of chanting monks, inspired by the supernatural novels of T S Harvey.  #shineonyoucrazydiamond

A sneaky little cameo from our own Jay Hynd was met with wolf-whistles and a round of applause as he owned the Catwalk for Threads, fierce recycled clothing. Heavy anarchic vibes had been incorporated by a recurring theme of tartan. I felt I could relate a lot more to this brand, this helped by the real size models who completely rocked it.

The new John Lewis range embraces all things autumnal with 70s chic. Keeping us warm with high-waisted flares, wide brim hats and long shaggy waistcoats. Isaac Ava’s co-ord sets were rivalled by the split back top, simple designs that work incredibly well together. The latter part of the show had me hooked, the addition of background music from Best of Liverpool winner’s The Pynes definitely added that classy Scouse edge we know and love.

For an opening night, this was one hell of a show-stopper, I cannot wait for what the rest of the week entails.

By Lauren Jones


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