Liverpool Fringe – behind the scenes at casting for ‘The Great Escape’

One of four new plays focussing on the power of strong women, ‘The Great Escape’ is inspired by author David Haworth’s 17-years leading storytelling workshops for terminally ill patients.

In Haworth’s play, three very different patients dealing with terminal illness work together to play games, using their imagination and props to ‘escape’ their daycare room.

Watch above as we take you behind the scenes of casting for ‘The Great Escape’. 

This play, along with three others under the banner ‘Virago’ by Liverpool’s innovative Make It Write production group, will be staged at the new and exciting Hope Street Theatre on June 15th & 16th.

Make It Write’s founder, Sharon Colpman, is keen to focus on women in this special year of celebrating the lives of the Suffragettes. She chose Virago, meaning a strong woman heroine, as her banner and theme for writers submitting plays.

Sharon Colpman

Other plays in the series include ‘Tomb’, by Ian Gray, which tells of Cait, a pilgrim searching for a truth which she believes resides in the the tortured memory of the reclusive Francis. But Francis is in thrall, not only to his past, but to his mentor Father Jerome.

Patrick Maguire’s ‘Killing Children’ centres around Jackie, a woman who has a deeply destructive relationship with her son. She explores herself as a person rather than simply the parent of the dangerous man to whom she gave birth.

‘Kitty, Queen of the Wash House’ by John Maguire, is the story of Liverpool legend Kitty Wilkinson, whose life in the Victorian era of the City was pockmarked with poverty, death and brutal hardship. But her spirit rose above all this and Kitty became a major figure in combating a vicious cholera outbreak and went on to champion wash-houses for the poor.

Tickets for Make it Write’s ‘Virago’ event at The Hope Street Theatre are £11 and £9 (concession). The Box Office number is 0344 561 0622. 

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