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We recap on our favourite nightlife venues of 2015

Lets face it, we all know Liverpool is the best when it comes to a good night out. Our very own Lee Butler has been flying the flag for the Liverpool nightlife scene over the past few months. He’s been everywhere, bringing you some pretty exclusive locations as well as some massive tunes, every Friday at 4pm. We thought we’d recap on some of our favourite venues from 2015!

Lee Butler gave us tour of the legendary State Nightclub prior to his massive sold out birthday bash, back in October.


We went back in time to the site of Quadrant Park where DJ John Kelly spoke with us before the epic 25 year celebration of The Quad.


We’ve seen plenty of new bars opening in Liverpool this year.

Red Door Liverpool opened it’s big red door and Jay was at the launch night where he spoke with owners Lee and Josh.


Turtle Bay Liverpool also arrived this year, bringing an authentic taste of the Caribbean to Liverpool.


And in August, Rhum Liverpool opened, where Lee Butler was on hand to see what all the fuss was about.


And lots of excitement in 2016 as even more fantastic places to go out and party open up in the best city in the world. We’re sure Lee Butler will be back in the new year, every Friday at 4pm, with his free mix, big competition, and massive collection of dance tunes.

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