Liverpool’s first floatation therapy centre has opened on Dale Street

Struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones?

Liverpool’s first floatation therapy centre Float Planet has opened on Dale Street and has gift vouchers available so you can give the gift of floating this festive season.
Float therapy allows you to achieve profound relaxation – head into the floatation tank which is made up of 10 inches of water and half a tonne of Epsom salts that create a buoyancy similar to the Dead Sea.
Those floating are in complete control of their surroundings and will relax in the state-of-the-art tanks for an hour. Leave the tank open or closed and lights on or off depending on your preference and lie back, relax and enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy.
Aiding with sports recovery, mental health, anxiety and stress, floatation therapy is perfect for anyone who needs a spot of R&R, especially after the festive season.
Michael Partington, co-founder of Float Planet, said: “Gifting a floatation experience as a gift this Christmas could be life changing for the recipient. You can achieve profound relaxation so for anyone who is stressed out, has a hectic life or may just be in need of some time out for themselves, it’s ideal.”
Lee Owens, co-founded of Float Planet, added: “There’s really nothing like floatation therapy which is suitable for everyone. Stressed business leaders, high pressured individuals, pregnant women, sportspeople or just anyone who wants to invest in their wellbeing, will all benefit from floating with us at Float Planet.”
A single float package is £40 each, or make the most of the Bring A Friend package for £65 and a 3 Float Package for £105. All are available to purchase online at

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