Local Music Spotlight: Natalie McCool

You know that on The Guide Liverpool we love our local music, Liverpool’s music scene is over flowing with amazing talent and some incredible musicians. The local artist in the spotlight this time is someone who once won a national songwriting competition judged by Chris Martin, had one to one coaching with Sir Paul McCartney, won Best Female at the Liverpool Music Awards, and was signed to Grammy Award winner Steve Levine’s label.
Natalie McCool is certainly one of the city’s brightest talents, already this year she has received national airplay from her last single, performed for BBC Introducing and been booked for LIMF 2016 and Threshold Festival. We had to put in the spotlight and quiz on her past 12 months and what 2016 has in store.

You had a huge 2015 – what was your one highlight?
Performing a live session for BBC Introducing was an amazing feeling!! Jack Garratt and Everything Everything also performed and I just love both of those acts so it was pretty brilliant! I also really enjoyed performing at LIMF for “Herstory” – what an amazing gig.
National radio play on Radio One with ‘Cardiac Arrest’ – Tell us where you where and what you did when you first heard it got out across the UK?
I was sat in my car when I heard Scott Mills play Cardiac Arrest. I always have Radio 1 playing when I am driving, it was really surreal hearing my music being broadcast!

For anyone that doesn’t know describe your music and sound in your own words.
Pop with a brain.
If you could spend a day working with one musician, alive or not who would it be and what would you ask them?

Jeff Buckley definitely and I would ask him everything! I’d want to know his whole life story. Also if we’re talking non alive musicians I’ll go all out and say Beethoven just for the orchestral greatness.

What do you love most about your city of Liverpool?

It’s so small – you can walk from one end of the city centre to the other in 10 minutes. There is a great community here – walking through the centre I always see someone I know, which wouldn’t happen in a bigger city.

We are now City of Music – what makes the music scene in the city so special?

So many venues and bands of all different styles – lots of different audiences and people that enjoy a range of music – rock, jazz, R&B, soul, metal, commercial, eletcronic, classical. A beautiful city with a vibrant scene.

Is there enough support in Liverpool for upcoming musicians?

Yes I think it is one of the cities most welcoming. The open mic night is so important for upcoming songwriters, and for bands there are some fantastic promoters who really push new music on the live circuit. A lot of new bands from Liverpool are making national press too which is vital to keeping the scene alive.

What does 2016 hold for Natalie McCool?

I am releasing my album so that is my central focus. My live set is going to get bigger this year too – I can’t wait to play the shows I have scheduled and I’m really excited at the prospect of touring!

What one goal would you like to have ticked off by this time next year?
I would like to see my new album in real form on the merch table. That would make me really happy to hold it, to give my music to people.
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