Local Rapper and Sound Station Winner, Blue Saint prepares for launch gig

Bido Lito! magazine are excited to announce the launch of BLUE SAINT’s latest EP, Enter Mynd Part II: Sociation, the second instalment of his “Enter Mynd” concept series, at The Shipping Forecast on 26th November. Blue Saint, winner of the Merseyrail Sound Station Prize in 2014, is a Liverpool-based and Congolese-born polymathic artist who conveys his lifelong compulsion for storytelling and creativity through the medium of rap. Blue Saint will bring Enter Mynd Part II: Sociation to life in The Shipping Forecast, adopting the venue as the backdrop to the story of the EP, and will be joined on the night by jazz band Dead Hedge Trio, the experimental garage popper TVAM and trip-hop artist BeLOey.

After delivering Enter Mynd Part I in 2014, an ambitious concept EP set in the semi-autobiographical dystopian metropolis of Mynd, Part II: Sociation sees rapper and raconteur Blue Saint in Pensus, Mynd’s neon and velvet music lounge, reflecting on the events that took place in his debut release and contemplating the nature of human interaction.

For one night only The Shipping Forecast will be transformed into Pensus, the music lounge which becomes the epicentre for Blue Saint’s existential crisis. Here, he realises that life is composed of associations and dissociations, while he explores the nature of human relationships and the advantages and disadvantages that come with being an outlier, or with being a part of society. To celebrate the EP’s release, Blue Saint will perform Sociation in its entirety, The Shipping Forecast’s Hold acting as his Pensus.

On the night, Liverpool jazz stalwarts Dead Hedge Trio will act as Pensus’ multi-instrumentalist house band, welcoming the audience to the lounge with their improvised jazz. Also performing will be French trip-hop artist BeLOey, a musician who has collaborated with Blue Saint, who works in the spirit that the only boundaries in music are the ones you place on yourself. TVAM, another boundary-pushing artist, will also make an appearance at Pensus. Recording his music onto VHS and creating videos to echo the atmosphere of his tracks, TVAM then exports his mixture of audio and visual to his live shows by way of wheel-on television, blurring the boundaries between a gig and a piece of performance art.

 The first single from Enter Mynd Part II, Know It All, is also released today via Bandcamp. The lead track on the EP finds Blue Saint in Pensus musing on how some people think they know it all, discouraging others from following a certain path through stating their own experience and opinions as fact.  Four and a half minutes of intelligent and observational lyricism driven by tantalising bass, the track is a direct statement of intent from the prodigious Blue Saint.

Listen to Know It All now: https://soundcloud.com/blue-saint/know-it-all

Thursday 26th November also sees the release of Bido Lito! Issue 62, The Liverpool Music Magazine’s last of 2015. Anyone involved in Bido Lito! or wants to join the contributors team is welcome to join the meeting at the same venue before the gig. The Bido Lito! Social starts at 6pm.

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