Do you love your Workplace enough to get it tattooed on you FORVER? Staff at The Clubhouse & Smugglers Cove do…

Popular Liverpool bars, The Club House and The Smugglers Cove are offering employees a work perk that will remain with them forever.

The New World Trading Company (NWTC), operators of The Club House and The Smugglers Cove, have employed a tattoo artist and are able to offer staff members a complimentary tattoo of the NWTC logo. Starting in early March, the tattoo artist began touring The New World Trading Company’s sites and is expected to have visited all fourteen sites by the end of April.


Staff members at the Liverpool One and Albert Dock bars are known for their cool and quirky image, which is in keeping with the venue’s eclectic decor. This is further supported by NWTC’s staff policy, which carries a relaxed attitude to employees’ piercings, tattoos and hairstyles.

Chris Hill, Managing Director at The New World Trading Company said: “As a brand, both The Club House and The Smugglers Cove are very expressive and unique, so this is a great opportunity to encourage all of our employees to embrace their individual style too.

Tattoos used to be something that required a lot of consideration but times have changed, people are now getting inked on impulse. Tattoos represent memories; a holiday with friends or to mark a graduation. So why not to celebrate your employment?

We’re massively proud of all our employees and we hope that they will carry this tattoo into the future as a memory of their time working with us here at The Club House and The Smugglers Cove.”

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