Meet the cast of the Christmas show everyone is talking about in Liverpool

The Scouse Nativity has got the city in stitches and is on course to being one of the most successful Royal Court Liverpool productions of all time.

Watch as Jay meets Stephen Fletcher & Keddy Sutton who play the Shepherds, on stage at Royal Court Liverpool.

Running until 13th January, The Scouse Nativity tells the greatest story ever told, with a massive Scouse twist. Angel Gabriel like you’ve never seen her before, hilarious star searching shepherds, the most evil Christmas baddie of all time and a stage set of biblical proportions.

Tickets are selling fast so get booking and let the Royal Court Liverpool take you on a hysterical adventure all the way from Bootle to Bethlehem.

Book your tickets here and check out the Royal Court’s newest venture, The Courtyard Bar & Grill below.





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