We meet the cast of The Lonesome West which is coming to Royal Court Liverpool

This spring, Liverpool’s Royal Court is producing something a little bit different. Instead of their usual big, bawdy comedies they have gone for something funny, but dark.

The Lonesome West is set in the West of Ireland and sees two brothers trapped in an old farmhouse after their father’s death. The play ran on Broadway, receiving a Tony Award nomination for Best Play in 1999.

Watch as we meet Paul Duckworth & Kieran Cunningham from the cast to find out what we can expect and how rehearsals are going. Also check out the special Royal Court customer CAM below.

The writer, Martin McDonagh, is best known for writing and directing the hit film In Bruges and he also wrote the Academy Award winning Six Shooter and Seven Psychopaths. His latest film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri comes out later this year.

Royal Court regular Paul Duckworth (Father O’Flaherty, Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels) is joined by Kieran Cunningham (The Flags, Our Day Out) and Royal Court newcomers Alan Devally and Anne O’Riordan. The set has been designed by Olivia Du Monceau and the show is directed by Robert Farquhar.

Leenane, Galway, West of Ireland. Two brothers trapped together in the old family home after their old man’s unfortunate death. Valene and Coleman pass the days bickering over crisps and figurines while annoying the bejaysus out of each other.

Father Welsh tries to bring some light to their lives but he’s not so good at that sort of thing. You get the feeling that there will be more funerals for the neighbours before the week is out. They’ll only show up if there are vol-au-vents.

Kevin Fearon, Executive Producer of Liverpool’s Royal Court, said “I’ve always been a huge fan of Martin McDonagh. The show is a bit different to the usual comedies that we have here but it is still very funny. If you have got a dark sense of humour then you will really enjoy this one.”

As with all Royal Court productions, dinner will be available before the show in the stalls, lovingly prepared by head chef Simon Collard.

The Lonesome West runs from Friday 21 April to Saturday 20 May. Tickets and information are available fromwww.royalcourtliverpool.com or on 0151 709 4321

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