My Music: L U M E N is Liverpool’s newest musical talent

L U M E N is the new kid on the block in Liverpool’s music scene, at just 17 he is set to release his debut single this weekend and we are expecting huge things from him. We asked him to tell us more and give us the low down on his life in music…

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Alright mates, this is L U M E N, and this is sort of a blog-thing for all the splendid people at THE GUIDE LIVERPOOL that have good taste in music and listen to my tunes. You can get to know me a little bit better, and know why I started to get into this music stuff.

I was busy over the last couple of years making quite a hefty bunch of bedroom demos (mainly instrumentals), up until the start of this year. Then I decided that people don’t really want instrumentals, so I played down some sub-par and improvised vocals, which took me to some cool places indeed.
So after this, I sent my tunes to literally every single radio station and every company that accepted demos. After a couple of weeks I got played on BBC Introducing in Merseyside and that got me buzzing for a few weeks. I also played from places all around Liverpool like Wirral Radio stretching out to Florida, and some boss blogs started writing about me too. So I was made up to be getting all this really positive attention from stuff I’d just put together in my bedroom. Thanks to cool people at Tilt Shift Music and some funding from Merseyside Arts, I’ve been to the belter Motor Museum Recording Studio. A lot of really big people have recorded tracks there, and it was really good to work with an actual producer (James Mellor) and have my demos from my bedroom took to a Studio.

This has all led up to now really and the release on Oct 16th of my debut double A sided single. At the start of the year i was making instrumentals at home, and now people are excited to buy my kipper on t-shirts!! It’s been moving very quickly so I’m  hoping it doesn’t slow and I carry on having a properly sick time making tunes and being L U M E N.


Thank-youuuuuuuuuuuu x

You can catch L U M E N on Jay & Ellie’s Sunday night show on Juice Liverpool in a couple of weeks time.

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