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Liverpool is officially the music capital of the world with a thriving local music scene, bursting at the seems with incredible talent. From indie bands to soulful songstresses we have it all, and here on The Guide Liverpool we love to shout about it and showcase the best musical talent the city has to offer. Not only do we bring you live music sessions and interviews with the talent of the city but we are now starting a series of blogs from the musicians themselves, you will get an insight into what life is really like in the world of local Liverpool music.

We are starting with local singer, songwriter Paul Wilkes as he moves from being a front man of a band to creating his solo sound. Paul has also given us an exclusive, never before heard track called ‘Which Way is Home’. We think you will agree it is pretty special.

LISTEN to Paul Wilkes – Which Way is Home

Hey guys,

It’s been a great year getting back into the swing of things on the acoustic scene. After the demise of my old band Wilson Minds last year, this year has been about getting things back on track.

I am about to release my 3rd and final EP of the year on November 23rd, after two previous successful EPs this year that both had some lovely reviews, radio play and features. The new EP was recorded at my new home studio made at the bottom of the garden from an old shed that still looks like an old shed from the outside but inside is a place to create and make music. The neighbours must wonder why I spend so much time in the shed!

I’ve enjoyed working with my new band and playing some boss gigs this year, including LIMF and Farm Feast Festival. Who knows what for 2016? I’ll be going to Glastonbury although haven’t been given a slot to play yet ha ha.

To finish off the year I will be playing an intimate show at the lovely Lantern Theatre in Liverpool on November 25th to celebrate my final release. The gig will be a very stripped back affair and I will be playing songs from everything I have ever released and talking about why and how, I had written the songs.

I’m already working on my debut solo album, which I hope to have finished in time for spring 2016. Most of the album will be previously unreleased stuff and instrumentals that I had written a few years back, that were used for TV programmes in the UK and Australia. I have now turned these instrumentals into songs with lyrics and parts. The album will feature string sections, piano and lots of dreamy, ethereal and cinematic sounds.

Catch you soon peeps.



Paul Wilkes EP cover 3-4


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