My Music: Local band Colour give us a week in their life

COLOUR’s week starts on a Tuesday, having practiced last night we’re back in work and no practice again until Friday. After Monday practice ends, Connor (drums) heads home to Heswall, Scott (Guitar) and Liam (Bass) share an hour’s car journey back to Crewe and Tidd (Vox, Guitar) drives 150miles back to Oakham in Rutland – usually arriving at around 3:30am.

Colour My Music - The Guide Liverpool

Connor, as well as being in COLOUR, owns and runs the studio we practice and record in Canvas Sound Studio in Neston. During the week he teaches, records voice-over work for blogs, media or business, produces and engineers in sessions, holds studio workshops or supervises practice sessions for Merseyside bands. Scott and Liam full-time manage sales teams in Software and Retail respectively. Tidd trains in cloud software Tuesday to Friday (the rest of the week he lives in Liverpool)

Usually we have several band things to do during the week, whether its evening writing, production tracks, inviting people to gigs, researching the industry, sorting kit, mixing work, admin work or chucking ideas around about the next 6 months; we speak every day on our fb group and Scott and Tidd talk on the phone at least three times in the week for any urgent things.

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Finally Friday comes and we make our way back up to Neston for 8pm, brew up, set up and chat over any news or decisions. Then we run the latest version of the set through: now that we’ve been playing together for so long our only aim here is to keep the benchmark up or play harder or push out cooler ways of playing/performing. If there’s a new song on the table we usually come in in 2s or 3s so its not too congested when deciding/learning parts. When we record we all come in for the group encouragement. We’ve been recording a lot recently which is great for new material but we’re then gagging to get back in to just thrash out a set together live. Sessions usually finish at 11:30pm earliest or 1:30am latest.

Saturdays we may be gigging which entails everyone getting over to the city in question for a 6pm sound check and then a few hours break until our stage time. As Liam, Connor and Tidd work weekends too we sometimes have to miss sound check – so we’ve come to be fine without. The picture below is us supporting Warner Artists ‘All Tvvns’ for DIY magazines Breaking Out event at Liverpool Music Week.

Colour - The Guide Liverpool

Sunday practice is either all morning or evening and gives us more time to get new things done or to just enjoy a long jam. What often happens is a stem of a song idea happens in an open jam, we catch it on a phone and its saved. They’re then worked on in order of how cool they are – but every now and then an idea happens in practice or is written by Tidd that we all really like and decide to just play it and bring it forward into practices and even straight into the set. This means we can be quick with new ideas when we want to be, and its exactly how our debut Strangers came to be (buy it). So any remaining writing or backing track work is done Monday day, played around with in our last practice on Monday eve then Tidd has the rest of the next week to work on it in the evenings to bring it to a finished song for the next time round. AND REPEAT

Colour - The Guide Liverpool
Watch the video for debut single ‘Strangers’ here:

Listen to ‘Strangers’ here:

Buy ‘Strangers’ on iTunes:

COLOUR will play a pre-match show at the City of Manchester (Etihad) Stadium in November. The 2nd time they’ve been asked to play this gig, an honour previously bestowed upon The 1975 & Johnny Marr.

Here is a video of our last appearance in February:

COLOUR are: James Tidd, Scott Harvey, Liam Downey and Connor Dickson. 


Saturday 28th November Pre-Match show at The City of Manchester Stadium

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