My Music: Local Rn’b duo Deliah blog number 2

Blog number two from local musicians and our favourite  Rn’b duo Deliah is here…

Hey everyone, sorry its been a while. The whole blogging thing takes some getting used to.
Last time we spoke we were gearing up for Soul Fest, Liverpool’s first ever (and long overdue) Soul festival. And well, it was pretty sick. And not the ‘look at me im promoting my band’ kind of sick, more of a ‘that was possibly the funnest gig I’ve ever played’ kind of sick. The guys down at Soul Inspired Events created an incredible atmosphere. That, combined with great sound and no technological hiccups (there were 2 laptops on stage, so that was a big possibility) really did make for a good gig.

We’ve been honing our sound for quite a while now so being able to finally perform the new set felt good. From my experience bands/artists can put them selves through so much ‘development’ that things can become a bit lost, so to have a gig where the response from your audience is as good as the atmosphere on stage is a sign that you’re doing something right. So er…yeah we were happy!

Anyyyyway…our next venture is supporting an incredible artist called Ady Suleiman. Having been in 1st year (of uni) when Ady was in 3rd year, he was someone to aspire to, so it’s kinda cool that we get to support him on his first UK headline tour.

Ady Suleiman, supported by Deliah - The Guide Liverpool

Ady Suleiman

If anyone does read this and you want more info on tickets get in touch via @DeliahMusic.
Otherwise, we will let you know how it all goes, see you in a bit x

Hope that’s all good 🙂
Shell & Dop

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