My Music: Local Rn’B Duo – Deliah

Well…where to start with this…

We’re as new to this as you probably are to us. So, let us say hi!

We are DELIAH.
We are a duo made up of Michelle Harris, Shell, and myself (Alex Dopierala), Alex or Dop are fine. Shell is from Liverpool and I’m from Nantwich. We write and perform R&B influenced music. We’ll put some links at the bottom for you to check out if our ramblings have caught your attention.
Our friend Jay Hynd, whom you are probably aware of if you’re on this site, asked us to write a little blog for you every so often. Probably because he got fed up of interviewing us after the 100th time on the 100th platform. He thought it would best that we just do it ourselves. We get it Jay, we get it.
So I suppose that this week we better tell you about SoulFest. We’ve been getting the new set ready to perform at the festival. New band set up, new songs, at a new festival. A festival that it feels like Liverpool has been waiting for, for years! The Soul Inspired Events team have been like a family to us and many other artists in the city, so you can just imagine what the weekend is going to be like, bringing all of these people together along with HUGE artists Gabrielle and Eska.
So excited to be part of the whole thing and get our new set in front of the family.
So, (shameless plug alert) if you are planning on going to SoulFest. We play on Saturday at 6:45pm, at Constellations.
If you’ve enjoyed reading, please do come back and try to guess who is writing the blog post each time. I’ll give you a hint, the clue is in the sp3lling.
For now, from Me and Shell say thanks for reading!
Talk soon x”

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