New Bagelry opens in Liverpool

A bagelry opening in Liverpool’s China Town sounds a little absurd… Or is it actually a wonderful idea?

By Alice Rose

I spent the past few weeks walking past an empty shop front with the name “The Bagelry” and often wondered to myself what it was like, so upon spotting the opening sign I decided to give it a try.

I’ve never been a person who eats a lot of bagels, however the idea of a “bagelry” did intrigue me into popping in for a bite.

Located on Nelson Street, The Bagelry has a rather quiet and contemporary feel to it.

The menu itself is rather small, but has an interesting selection of various bagels and cheesecakes.

Customers can choose either savoury or sweet bagels with varieties ranging from onion to blueberry.

The bagels can then be topped with butter or jam or more interestingly a selection of homemade cream cheeses.

I arrived at about half one in the afternoon on the opening day, so my original choice of the vegan spring onion, lemon & herb cashew “cream cheese” on a poppy seed bagel was unavailable due to popular demand.

Instead I went for the onion bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese which turned out to be a very good alternative.

After taking a seat my bagel was brought over to me sliced and toasted with the pot of cream cheese on the side. I liked the idea of it being on the side for customers to spread it on themselves.

The cream cheese was definitely homemade and was absolutely delicious with a good flavouring of garlic. It was wonderful paired with the onion bagel.

The Bagelry - The Guide Liverpool, Food & Drink

Alongside my bagel I decided to try the café’s V60 pour over coffee, which I had black. It had a lovely, nutty taste and was very rich tasting.

As someone with a massive sweet-tooth I couldn’t leave without trying one of the cheesecakes for dessert.

I went for the chocolate and lime cheesecake with a ginger biscuit base which turned about to be another vegan option.

I’ve had vegan “cheesecake” before which was very nice, but I found this had rather an unusual taste and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not.

However, £3 for a slice of cheesecake? I’ll be back to try it again and give a deciding verdict.

All in all The Bagelry’s menu is short and sweet but with a wide range of cream cheese toppings for your bagel.

Toppings start from £1.50. If you have a sweet tooth you can choose a dessert of either cheesecake (£3 a slice) or chocolate drizzled digestives (3 for £1.50).

Now I know what a “bagelry” finally is, I’ll be eating bagels more often.

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The Bagelry - The Guide Liverpool, Food & Drink

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