This new range of delicious Liverpool Hot Chocolate’s are going to change everything this winter

A proper day in town Christmas shopping is not complete without stopping off at one of the city’s many bars or restaurants for a lovely toasty cup of hot chocolate, and if alcohol is thrown into the mix too then you are guaranteed the perfect winter warmer.

Last week we embarked on a mission to find the best Hot Chocolate in town, you can read what happened and see the results here. But that was before this news…

A new range of deliciously indulgent hot chocolate drinks are now available at both Bastion Bar and Restaurant and Carpathia Restaurant and Champagne Bar to warm up the cold, winter nights

 Signature Living has launched a selection of delightfully indulgent hot chocolates, including a boozy one which is perfect for the adults!

The new range is available at both Bastion Restaurant and Bar and Carpathia Restaurant and Champagne Bar, for guests to enjoy during the cold, winter weather.

Hot chocolates are a firm family favourite and Signature Living has created eight different delicious drinks from salted caramel to peanut butter brownie, dark chocolate cherry bourbon to the heavenly white chocolate, so there is something for everyone.


For the alcoholic offering, there is the dark chocolate cherry bourbon which is made up of rich dark chocolate combined with black cherries and bourbon for a boozy treat.


There is a classic hot chocolate available for guests who like to keep it simple, but for those who want to mix it up there is the salted caramel – made with caramel syrup and a pinch of rock salt, which is then drizzled with rich caramel sauce.


Or for nut lovers, there is the peanut butter brownie which includes smooth, creamy peanut butter mixed with chocolate syrup.


For those who prefer their hot chocolates extra sweet, there is the heavenly white chocolate creation, which is made up of luxurious white chocolate, mixed with steamed full fat milk and whipped cream, served with heart-shaped shortbread and topped with raspberries.

Signature Living have also made a dark chocolate chilli combination which is rich dark chocolate combined with fresh chillies for an extra kick!


But for real chocolate lovers, there is the incredibly indulgent Mars bar variation; packed with real Mars bar chunks and topped with miniatures for a real treat.

Or to really satisfy your sweet tooth, there is the death by chocolate hot drink which really is for true chocoholics. It’s packed with different types of chocolate and then finished off with sprinkles of chocolate shavings.

All eight of the drinks are available at both Bastion Bar and Restaurant and Carpathia Restaurant and Champagne Bar daily.

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