One Born Every Minute is back on our screens so here are 16 confessions of a new Scouse parent

As One Born Every Minute returns to our screens again this week we have got you 16 things every new parent will admit to doing in those crazy first few weeks of childhood.
9pm on Tuesday night should officially be known as ‘broody’ hour as we love watching those new tiny scousers popping into the world! Of course #OneBorn is filmed right here in Liverpool at our Women’s Hospital and we can’t wait to see what the rest of this series has in store. The show returned last week and it is the third time the Women’s has been used as a backdrop.
So new Mums and Dads – do you agree with our list of things every new parent will admit to doing…
1) Become amazed at how well your partner can sleep through a screaming baby. I mean seriously? Are you pretending? Or can you really not hear this?!
2) Snarl at every person who says that you need ‘L’ plates for your pram. They don’t teach you how to use them, alright?!
3) …and on a similar note: fume at anyone who pushes in front of you whilst waiting for a lift. I’m looking at you, Primark customers!
4) Wake up every 5 minutes throughout the night to make sure your little one is still breathing (parent paranoia is the worst!)
5) Automatically go to rest your hands on your bump and cry when you realise it’s not there anymore. Watermelon down your pants, anyone?
6) Marvel at how one tiny human can poo through a nappy, vest, baby grow & blanket. How? Why?
7) Decide that Ewan the Dreamsheep or any other kind of white noise maker is officially your BFF. Can anyone remember the last time they went to sleep without hearing womb noise?!
8) Check the time thinking it’s about 11am to discover it’s actually 5:30pm, your still in your pjs, half way through a packet of biscuits and your other half is due through the door any minute
9) Spend hours trying to get your child to sleep and then the second they are resist the temptation of picking them up to play cause they’re so cute!
10) Look at anyone who’s pregnant with jealously at there lovely bump & resist every urge to share birth stories with them.
11) Cringe at the thought of taking your baby to the weighing clinic cause you just know they’ll wee all over the midwife. Again.
12) Googling ‘how to make my baby sleep’ at around 3:30am when they’ve been screaming at you for the last 4 hours. Help!
13) Become truly obsessed with poo. From day one. “Is it like tar? Has it moved onto green yet” “Ooo it’s yellow! What’s the consistency?” These are conversations that you share with your partner, midwife & health visitor. I’ll tell anyone regardless if they wanted to know or not.
14) When you eventually get to sit down with a cuppa your baby decides to sneeze/vom/drool in it. Taa kid.
15) Laugh at anyone who suggests “you’ll be pregnant again this time next year!” Ha. No. Not even considering it.
16) And best of all: even when you’ve had a truly horrendous day, your’e feeling at your lowest and you’ve convinced yourself you’re the worst mum ever, you take one look at your bundle of joy and realise that they are worth every single second of effort.
Being a parent is truly amazing!
Any additions to the list? Let us know @theguidelpool.
By Laura Wright

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