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One step forward and two back for the Blues

This Christmas period is a fantastic time for every football fan,with teams playing virtually every day from Boxing Day up until New Year’s Day. Now that’s great if your team wins two out of the three games or even wins one and draws two but in Everton’s case sadly we have only recorded one victory in the month of December in the league. That is simply not good enough, however Everton still find themselves 6/8 points of the top Six and you get this feeling as a toffee this season that it’s going be a what if season.
I’ve found it hard to take any joy out of watching Everton recently. The only thing I can liken it to is when you win £10 on a scratch card but the scratch card cost you £5, it’s good but not really good enough and that is exactly how Everton have been so many if only moments.
As 2015 draws to a close its time for the blues to take stock and focus on pushing up the table however every right minded evertonian is well aware that we are now no longer in that top six bracket with other teams such as Watford,Leicester and Stoke City all now competing for those coveted European places.
The major problem for Everton is a mixture of not killing teams off, an ageing keeper (no prizes for guessing who) and a stubborn manager who when it doesn’t go right and teams work out how to beat us he stands there on the sideline with his arms folded a lot like our last manager did.
It’s not all doom and gloom though I believe if we get a new keeper and one or two other players of real quality in during January it could be a very good new year for the toffees, also the chance of winning a cup for the first time in well over a decade is a massive possibility with Man city standing between the blues and a trip to Wembley. There is also a lot of speculation of a takeover on the cards at Goodison which is exciting if it all goes smoothly and we are sold to the right people this could be the turning point for the toffees.
The futures bright the future is blue.


Up next for the Blues in a busy few weeks is Tottenham Hotspurs at Goodison on Sunday.

Finally I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year………

Up the toffs!

By Tim Lloyd

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