Are you ready for Liverpool’s David Bowie Takeover?

Last Sunday the world lost one of it’s music greats, and one of the most influential artists to have ever lived, David Bowie.  This Friday (22nd) Liverpool is set to remember him with a ‘David Bowie Takeover’. What is a David Bowie Takeover? Well simple really, from midnight every bar, every club and every venue in the city is being encouraged to get the Bowie albums out and play nothing but his greatest hits.
The man behind the campaign is local event organiser, Andy Matheson, who we caught up with today.
Organiser, Andy Matheson

Organiser, Andy Matheson

You are on a mission this week, tell us more and where did the idea come from…
It all began this Tuesday afternoon. The initial shock of his passing had started to settle, and I knew it was now time to celebrate his incredible life in true Liverpool style! My friends of course thought it was a crazy idea at first, and so did I really, but I knew it was possible and have persisted to get the message spread across the city: “This Friday is the #BowieTakeoverLiverpool!”.
Give us the names of the places taking part so far:
It’s got to the point where I’ve lost count as there are just so many! Many small bars and pubs are taking part throghout the city, with bigger clubs in the city centre including McCooley’s and Heebie Jeebies set to get city belting out the high notes at midnight. My personal favourites though are Medication Club and The Cavern Club and Pub all taking part. Medication club alone is going to result in thousands of the cities students paying homeage to the legend of Bowie, and The Cavern Club are going to have a Bowie song being played LIVE, for the ultimate experience!
David Bowie
How have you manged to get so many behind the night?
I’m really interested in the power of social media and viral marketing, so I created a facebook event page with all of the info included and simply watched it grow. Over 1,000 people are now part of the event page and have been commenting showing their excitement. With every second that goes by the page is growing bigger!
You are obviously a huge fan, tell us about your love for Bowie
My Dad has always been a massive fan, so I grew with hits like Jean Genie and Starman constantly being played through the car radio and I have fond memories of that time. Also, when I was in my teens and beginning to learn Guitar my Dad recommended me to learn tracks like Ziggy Stardust. Bowie was part of so many people’s lives in one way or another, and that’s why I want to make sure we celebrate his life like no other city will, right here in Liverpool!
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He is certainly a name that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, what legacy has he left behind?
Bowie died on January the 10th at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with cancer. His illness was kept very private and out of the public eye, so it clearly came as a huge shock to his fans. As one of the most influential artists ever, it’s clear that he’s going live on through his music and everything he has left us with. This Friday at midnight is the time for Liverpool to show our love for the man!
So we are presuming you will be doing a bit of a bar crawl Friday night?
I certainly will be…the difficult bit is choosing where to be at midnight! Where would you like to be for it?
Finally how can others get involved?
The Bowie Takeover is going to be a massive celebration unlike any other! So lets get our lightning bolt facepaints on, our vocal cords warmed up and get Liverpool dancing to the sound of Bowie for one major blow-out!
This is a chance to show the world what Liverpool is all about, the true collective spirit that we have to do things a little bit differently from the norm. Lets make it a night to remember! 
Photo by Adam Bielawski

Photo by Adam Bielawski

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