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Review: The Master of Horror, John Carpenter hits Liverpool Music Week 2016

The Master of Horror, John Carpenter rolled into town to headline Liverpool Music Week last night and we sent our Alex to check out the packed-out Olympia gig.

Horror is a genre that is often snubbed, or has a face pulled at it, but John Carpenter’s performance proved that the following is still strong in the city. As modern Horror plunges deeper in to the depths of mindless jump scares, it was refreshing to see that the sub culture of classic Horror fans is as strong as ever, packing out the venue with an eclectic crowd; a crowd that differs in shape, size, ethnicity and age, but all with one huge thing in common. As a bit of geek myself, it was great to feel so at home.

Something A Bit Different

Liverpool Music Week


This one is simple. The fact that a 68 year old, Horror composer can headline one of the cities most cutting edge music festivals, and pack out a 2000 capacity venue is something that we, as a collective should be proud of. Liverpool Music Week is primarily an Indie festival, with Liverpool mostly known for it’s Brit-Pop and Indie bands, but this just proved how diverse our population is.

Quality Control

Liverpool Music Week


Following on from my previous point, I believe that the reason Carpenter was able to comfortable fill the Olympia is because the punters know the quality of show that they are in for. Yes, his reputation turns many a head, but the show was of the highest quality, both visually and audibly, something that the crowd clearly expected. This crowd were not coming out for any old gig; the feeling from the room was one of confidence, as much as excitement, as they knew what they were in for. It’s good to know, as a musician, that the local audience expect quality, not hype.

The Venue

Liverpool Music Week


The final thing that made my night was the Olympia itself. Having never had the pleasure of attending a gig at the historic venue, I was pleasantly surprised. The setting was picturesque, the sound was impeccable and the staff were helpful; what more can one ask for? In recent years touring bands, at a certain level, seem to miss out Liverpool, expecting us to make the trip to Manchester, especially if the act is not big enough for the Echo Arena, but is too big for local venues. Along with the Arts Club Main Room, the Olympia proved that it is more than capable of welcoming many an artist, or legend, as it did last night.

I went to the show expecting to be blown away by the Master of Horror, what I didn’t expect was to be blown away by the diversity, acumen and capability of our wonderful city.

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