Review: The Wonderful World of Dissocia at The Playhouse

By Dan Atherton

The Wonderful Land of Dissocia, written by Anthony Neilson, is a play that will put you through a roller coaster of emotions in the most amazing way imaginable.

From start to finish it has you on the edge of your seat wondering what ridiculous surprise will come next. It has you crying from laughter and then just genuinely crying. It has you thrown deep into an unknown universe and astonishes you every step of the way.

It follows main protagonist, Lisa Montgomery Jones, played exquisitely by Niamh McCarthy, on her trip through Dissocia, a fantastical land full of all kinds of strange people and creatures, on her quest to restore balance to her life.

The quest is not, however, as smooth a ride as she initially imagined.

Every bit of acting, from the insecurity guards played by Stuie Dagnall and James Bibby, to the creepy yet oddly endearing goat played by Elliot Davis, to the delightful Britney played by Alice Corrigan, was nothing short of incredible. Every character had you thoroughly engaged and itching to see what wonderful adventure they would take you on.

The lighting was a feature that really stood out and was executed to perfection. It created suspense and atmosphere through subtle, yet effective alterations.

The humour throughout the piece was something of great intrigue. At times it was ridiculous and ‘silly’ yet at others it was sophisticated and witty. This was a contrast that was hugely welcome as it ensured the play didn’t become tiresome and repetitive.

All this silliness may make you think that this is a play that may come across as childish but by the end of it, you realis it is anything but that. It conveys a seriously strong message. But in a way that helps you understand and accept it. Credit for this must go to writer Anthony Neilson.

Director Chris Tomlinson and YEP theatre group; massive, massive congratulations. A stellar play and a brilliant way to spend a Wednesday night.

The Wonderful World of Dissocia runs at the Liverpool Playhouse until Saturday 7th November.

Rating: 10/10

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