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Royal Court get set for, now annual Fred Lawless Show


Pharaoh ’Cross The Mersey is the seventh in a series of Liverpool comedies from Fred Lawless who has had great success with the likes of Scouse Pacific, Little Scouse On The Prairie and last year’s hit Scouse Of The Antarctic.


After their incredible Antarctic Adventure last Christmas, Boris and Daisy are off to Cairo for a relaxing holiday. Relaxing that is until a Liverbird shaped hieroglyph sends them spiralling back in time to Ancient Egypt.


King Tut and his terrifying bride Queen Nefertiti rule with a rod of iron and they have taken a shine to Boris and his special jewels. Talking camels, revolting slaves and wonky pyramids all play a part in the unique brand of Royal Court madness that Fred Lawless cooks up each year.


This is going to be one of our craziest and funniest Christmas shows yet, so what are you waiting for? Get your asp down to the Royal Court this Christmas!


Age advisory 16+ some strong language. It might be rude so bring your Mummy.


The full cast is confirmed. Andrew Schofield (Mam I’m Ere, Bouncers) and Michael Starke (Bouncers, Scouse Of The Antarctic) are joined by Royal Court favourites Lindzi Germain (Scouse Of The Antarctic), Danny O’Brien (Bouncers), Michael Fletcher (Scouse Of The Antarctic) and Hayley Hampson (Scouse Of The Antarctic).


This year the cast will be augmented by four graduates from the Royal Court’s Youth Theatre. Ashlyn Baker, Amara Bjorkhaug, Natasha Riley and Leah Whiteside have all been Youth Theatre members since 2012 and are the first to be involved in a professional Royal Court production. They will be playing assorted roles (including a camel or two).


This year’s show will be directed by Howard Gray with Alex Smith as Musical Director.


Kevin Fearon, Chief Executive of Royal Court Liverpool, is ready to feel the sand between his toes: “The Christmas shows are always a great mix of music and jokes. Fred keeps on coming up with crazy plots and outlandish schemes each year and we can’t wait to see where this one goes. Audiences are coming back each year because they never know what to expect but they know that they will be laughing all night!”

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