A Scouse Prinny Holiday Checklist

We’ve had enough of the weather drama and we’re dreaming of a summer holiday here at The Guide Liverpool. Holiday season is now in full swing and Scouse Prins everywhere are dusting off their cases and asking their Dads nicely for a lift to Liverpool airport, whether that be for a hen do, a long weekend with their fella or a full on 14 nighter with the girls.

We asked for your pre-holiday tips to make sure we get the best out of our week away, and you didn’t let us down!

Here’s how to prep for your hols like a proper Scouse Prinny!

Primp & Preen

First of all, get yourself booked in at the salon because those girls are bloody amazing at prepping your entire body for a jaunt in the sun. Leave plenty of time for waxing, exfoliation and nails, lashes, brows…..oh and extensions sewn in, in fact you know what, just make a week of it! After months of hibernation in hunters and skinny jeans the last thing you want is a SATC Miranda moment at the beach!

Scouse Prin Kim Cattrall

Choose a shellac colour/nail art pattern that matches the majority of your holiday outfits and swimwear to look like a full on, put-together poolside goddess. We love a bit of coral!

Wardrobe Department

Speaking of outfits, let’s get down to packing. Now there is a really simple way to do this without it resorting to phoning Dr Brian Cox for help, but we all know that 7 days doesn’t mean 7 outfits.

Start out with swimwear, so 5 bikini’s and a one-piece because we’ve all buzzed off those divs on You’ve Been Framed who come down the water slides bare arse first!

You definitely want those fit River Island gladiator sandals and a couple of pairs of Havaiana’s for the beach and along with four pairs of sunglasses, 25 kaftans and your entire jewellery collection, you’ll probably just squeeze a couple of H&M vests in before you’re doing a Joey on the plane!

Scouse Prins - Joey

Lotions & Potions

One thing that gives Scouse girls the edge is their ability to shop, and holiday shopping is no exception. Regardless of whether its Boots, Superdrug or Home & Bargain, you’d be hard pushed to find a girl jetting off from John Lennon Airport without a bag stuffed full of cosmetics.

And we’re not talking 100ml carry on bottles, oh no! We happily pay extra for checked luggage bursting with brand new bottles of everything! Got to make that tan last as long as possible!

Plus, if you’re a real prinny we know your mum/nan will have picked up some sweets for the plane as well. They think of everything!

Scouse Prin - Maeup and shit

The Weighting Game

Now comes the fun bit. Lugging your case around to your Mum/Nan/Aunty/Best Mates house to balance it delicately on their bathroom scales to see if the months-worth of clothes, accessories and shoes you’ve packed will cost more than your flight in weight allowance.

It’s a tense time, but with balancing skills Beth Tweddle would be proud of, you just about pull it off. Don’t resort to taking stuff out, just pray to the God of budget airlines and hope for leniency. Yes, you really do need ALL that stuff!


The Master Plan

You’re looking good, you’ve packed like a boss and somehow its under 22kg, all that’s left to do is meet the girls somewhere classy in town for pre-holiday drinks, buy your Euro’s (good luck with the exchange rate!) and hatch a plan about airport transfers.

By the time you’ve worked out who’s doing what and when, you’re too pissed to remember and wake your dad up at 4am for a lift anyway. Remind him to bring the travel plug you forgot to ask for last week and put up with him laughing at your sleep in rollers.

You don’t care because in just a matter of hours you’ll arrive in paradise for a week of partying with fit hair!

Prosecco for breakfast thanks to The Kissing Gate bar at the airport and don’t forget text your mum when you land.

Kissing Gate Liverpoo Airport

That’s how to prep like a prinny!

Traaaa, tra tra tra x





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