Smokefree Liverpool can help you quit for good on National No Smoking Day

Smokers in Liverpool are being urged to take a deep breath and make the decision to give up for good on national No Smoking Day.

The annual celebration of kicking the habit takes place on Wednesday 13 March and the theme for this year is Quit Your Way. The campaign is urging those who want to say farewell to the fags to share their secret for quitting with others.

Liverpool has long led the way in encouraging residents to quit through a series of high-profile initiatives.

In 2004, Liverpool City Council campaigned for a change in the law to enable it to require enclosed public places and workplaces including public transport, company vehicles, restaurants and bars to be 100 per cent smoke-free. The pioneering move sparked a national debate and led to the Government introducing legislation. The move was influential in leading to smoking rates in the city being slashed by half in 2017.

But the fight didn’t end there and this year campaigners in Liverpool are more committed than ever to help people pack in.

Studies show that whilst two-thirds of smokers want to stop, nearly one in five adults in the UK continue to smoke.

Smokefree Liverpool is commissioned by the city council to provide services for those who want to stop.

Run by Solutions 4 Health, the smokefree service has 60 locations across the city for people to get free support. This includes advice from specialist stop smoking advisors, free carbon monoxide tests and products that can help.

Smokefree Liverpool offers free support to stop smoking online, by telephone or in person.

Call 0800 061 4212

Text QUIT to 66777


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