Sound City – Meet Your New Favourite Musicians

Liverpool Sound City 2017 is well underway and it started with a bang.

The festival began by throwing us back to the 80’s with a storming set from The Human League, whilst Friday sees John Cale and guests present The Velvet Underground & Nico. The opening two nights see these colossal, cult classics set the bar, however, there is an array of bands and artist of whom you may not of heard…until now!

These are sure to be your new favourite musicians when the weekend is done.

For the full stage schedule, set times and more check out the Sound City website here.


We have to come clean – we’ve never seen PIXEY live…however, we have heard the music, and the hype. For an artist as new this 21 year-old singer to be featured on the cover of Bido Lito! and be on every upcoming music festival that the country has to offer, we just have to see her live. Her Pop sound is perfect for the summery festivities; a sound that we are sure will be undeniably infectious. If the weather isn’t quite up to the job on the docklands this Saturday, then that very same Pop sound can provide the sun for us – win, win. You can start winning at the North Shore Troubadour After Party, 00:30 on the Saturday…well technically it’s the Sunday, but you know what we mean.

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Arcane Roots

This Alternative Rock three piece may already be on your radar, especially if you’re a fan of a little maths with your music. However, for those who aren’t aware, this weekend is the perfect time to get on board. The trio have been touring around the world for years having supported Fightstar and Muse, so it’s fair to say that they know exactly how to put on a show. There is a high likelihood that Rock fans will have heard a few of their bigger hits, so if you’re a fan of Biffy Clyro, and you like your heavy music with a touch of intelligence, get down to the Pirate Stage at 8:30pm on Saturday.


Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends draw influence from the likes of Friday headliner, The Human League. Their 80s influence is prevalent throughout the bands sound and image, something that actually makes them and their sound very relevant as the 80s throwback is very popular right now. Their catchy Pop tunes will spread through the crowd, grabbing everyone by the hips and moving them uncontrollably. Therefore, to be transported to a Neo-80s disco, head to the Atlantic Stage at 2:30pm this Saturday.

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The Hunna

The Hunna are another band that, as in the way as Arcane Roots, you may have heard of already due to the fact that they have been tearing up the UK and Europe continuously since their debut album, 100, dropped in 2016. If you haven’t heard of the Indie-Rockers before, then that is all about to change after this weekend. We have a hunch that The Hunna will be one of the highlights of the festival as they are infamous for chaotically energetic shows. Get caught up in the chaos at 17:00, Saturday on the Atlantic Stage!



Peaches exploded on to the scene a few years back, and the after shocks are still being felt. Since the release of her last studio album Peaches has been creating and innovating through her sound and image, another combo that comes off very 1980s. Her loud imagery goes a lot of the way to communicating her message of feminism and equality, evoking very provocative subjects. This gig won’t be for the faint hearted, but it will be for those who love to get their teeth in to something bigger than themselves, something Peaches does effortlessly through her live show. Catch her headlining The Baltic Stage at 9pm on Saturday.



And now for something completely different. Sound City has a fantastic reputation when it comes to showcasing ‘guitar bands’, meaning the Indie and Rock genres. However, the line-up is not short of a few gems, such as the previously mentioned N’Gonda, for those who like a bit of soul. XamVolo has the stage presence of one of ‘the greats’, dominating the space around him with that special something that cannot be described. That said, it’s not all about his demeanour, the music is as unique as it is exciting, as interesting as it is soulful, as innovative as it is groovy. Volo is one for those who like the weird and wonderful, but I encourage every person of every type to check him out on the Sunday –  Tim Peaks Diner, 3:30pm.


Fizzy Blood

This Indie 50 piece focus on another theme of the festival, less of the throwback, more of the good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll. Hailing from Leeds, Fizzy Blood have been releasing music since 2015 and touring non-stop. Their latest UK tour sees them support Heavy Metal masters, While She Sleeps, with Sound City being one of their own stops. This is one to catch just before seeing Arcane Roots as your weekend experience slopes on to the heavy side. You can get involved in the madness at 8:30pm on The Cavern Stage, Sunday.


Oya Paya

There seems to be a bit of a throwback theme developing throughout this list doesn’t there? And, although that is not about to change for the Alterntive/Indie 3 piece Oya Paya, it’s a throwback with a twist. This time you will be transported to the 90s as Maxime McGowen and co. bring you a chilled, summer sound reminiscent of early Weezer and other 90s feel-good, stoner Pop. If you’re looking to be swung into a retro relaxation of different kind, then head to Time Peaks diner at 12:15pm on the Sunday.


Pink Kink

Pink Kink are the perfect warm up act for Peaches, so, it is a bloody good job that they are on right before her on The Baltic Stage at 8pm isn’t it? This female outfit, with the exception of guitarist, Sam, do the D.I.Y side of Pop perfectly. They aren’t as electronic as Peaches, but they do evoke the same throwback theme that is prevalent throughout the weekend. These girls (and guy) have been championed around the city by the likes of Bido Lito! and Dave Monks at BBC Introducing, and after catching them this weekend, it’ll be blindingly obvious why. x



Another band that have Sound City 2017, as part of the current UK tour is Paves. This Rock ‘n’ Roll 4 piece carries on with the Rock theme of the festival, showing us that the genre is not dead. As with the other Rock bands on the list, this is expected to be a raucous event, not to be taken lightly, I mean, just look at the photograph of them playing This Feeling. If Arcane Roots, Fizzy Blood and The Hunna aren’t enough to satisfy your cravings for the heavy stuff, then maybe Paves can do the job when they take to the Pirate Stage at 4:45pm.


The festival is all about throwbacks this year, whether unintentionally or not. Whether it be nostalgia for the 80s which is seen throughout the music scene at the moment, some 90s summer goodness or good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll, there is time travel machine for everyone to enjoy, whilst sticking with the modern feel and innovation of Sound City.

Lots more info, full lineup and stage times of course over on the Sound City website here.

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