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Start thinking about how to make 2016 boss

By Dale Roberts


As we are fast approaching Christmas and all the stress and work it brings, if we aren’t careful, we may blink and find ourselves soaked in Christmas and New Year’s alcohol and gravy and in 2016 with no idea how it came about so quick!
Around this time 1 year ago I was sat with my friend talking about how fast life moves and I wanted to make 2015 a better year. Here are a few things that we discussed, which made my 2015 one of my best years yet and hopefully in turn, will make these cliches into mottos for your coming year.

Embrace all 2016 throws at you
Make no mistake about it, your life will always be a journey of ups and downs and everyone has their own journey. Life is like a trolley outside the Asda, sometimes you get a bad one with half a wheel that is stiff and it’s a drag – others are more plain sailing. Odds are your 2016 won’t bring about all your dreams, maybe you won’t win the lottery and you will still find yourself making the same old mistakes, but your year will improve if you look for new opportunities and embrace every new passion, person and opportunity.
Don’t only actively seek out new opportunities, embrace the negative experiences 2016 may throw. This as we all know is much easier said than done, but remember every bad experience is still an experience learnt from. 2016 might not be the year you become more adventurous, it may be the year in which you discover how to find strength you previously didn’t think you had. It may be the year you learn to show empathy to those you were previously disconnected from. 2016 may be the year you learn how to forgive as well as embrace. Think about it – Negative experiences in life don’t always mean a negative chapter in life.

Take on new challenges
When I sat down with my mate a year ago, we said about how we physically wanted to DO more. Get up off our arses and physically do something to be proud of. We wrestled with the ideas of Skydiving, Triathlon’s and Marathons. We even spoke about fighting eachother in a white collar boxing match for fun. Eventually we settled on The Run for the 96 5k, The Liverpool Rock and Roll Half-Marathon and Tough Mudder (a half marathon SAS based assault course). Now, at the end of 2015, I can barely remember the horrible training and alcohol and burgers sacrificed. I can however remember the feeling of satisfaction of doing something I felt I couldn’t do. I do have the pictures of me covered in mud with no front tooth (remember I said about ups and downs?) with a bottle of cider after finishing a gruelling assault course.

Tough Mudder, Dale Roberts - The Guide Liverpool
You may not want to do things to physically push yourself, but what about volunteering? What about a new job? What about learning something new like an instrument or a language? There is many opportunities in our great city to take on something new – Have a search before 2016 starts and find something new to embrace and get involved with – Trust me, you will be proud come the end of the year!

Give something back
One question I am regularly asked is “What is the best thing about Liverpool?” and my answer is always the same – The people.
Think about it. Our city is the home of some of the greatest people who have ever walked the planet. Its home to some of the world’s greatest comedians, performers, footballers and certainly musicians. As people we have a rich history, but above all – Our people are known for their great courage and ability to bring good out of bad situations.
My mind is sent to The Hillsborough families and their ability to tirelessly fight for justice in the most dignified way. I think of the Family of Antony Walker who decided to forgive over hate. Who decided to work within communities to make a better place for all of our children. I think of the great staff at Alder Hey children’s hospital. I think of many many more amazing people, who make our city great, and I could list a lot more names and places!
Earlier in 2015 I had the pleasure of meeting Denise Fergus, who lost her son James Bulger 23 years ago and again was reminded of how great scousers are and how we are able to bring some good out of the worst of situations – We decided to raise from our challenges for the James Bulger Memorial trust and now at the end of 2015 we have raised over £1000 for kids who deserve respite due to situation or difficulties.

You may not choose to help a charity by doing challenges, but our city would be great if more people shown acts of kindness to one another. Our city has always been known for its hospitality and accommodation to strangers, there is always more ways to show love to one another – 2016 can be the year we all make an active effort to do more!

Whatever your 2016 brings you, remember to embrace it all and soak it all in, you only have one life and each year is a new chapter. Let’s hope 2016 is one of the best chapters yet!

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