Student Guide: Night Out


Liverpool’s nightlife has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years so if you are a new student in the city you’re in luck and in for a fantastic three years! Whether you like dance, RnB, indie or rock our city centre caters for all tastes. Here, The Guide Liverpool takes you on the ultimate student night out…



Pre-drinks has become a necessary ritual for any big night out. You need a glass in your hand as you get ready or a bottle of beer as you put on your favourites tunes to ready yourself for a night on the town. If you live in the city centre, the obvious choice for stocking your fridge is Bargain Booze (15 Leece Street – opposite the Bombed Out Church). This place has plenty of offers and a broad range of refreshments to choose from. For those who live on Smithdown Road there are two options: ‘the big Asda’ or another Bargain Booze (421 Smithdown Road) towards The Brookhouse.


Cheap Places to Drink

Once you hit town you want to go somewhere which is not going to immediately take all your money. Baa Bar (7 Myrtle Street) has a fine array of shots at low prices and is always a lively place to go on a weekend. La’Go (18-20 Colquitt Street) is another cheap option which plays old school soul songs for those who like that sort of thing. Later on in the evening, Blue Angel (more commonly known as ‘The Razz’ – 106-108 Seel Street) has some of the best drink deals as well as the best cheesey pop to dance to in the city. You can’t do a degree in Liverpool without experiencing The Razz.

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Indie/Rock Clubs

Heebie Jeebies (80-82 Seel Street) has long been the indie club of choice with Liquidation downstairs on a Saturday night always a safe bet for a great night out – just remember your ID (they ask everyone). For the heavier rockers, The Krazyhouse (16 Wood Street) is a Liverpool institution with three floors of rock music in varying degrees of weight.

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RnB Clubs

You’re never far from an RnB club when you’re in Concert Square in Liverpool. Camel Club (18-22 Wood Street) and Revolution Wood Street could take the prize for the best but it often depends on the clientele on the night. Go during the week to avoid things getting too crazy.

Dance Clubs

Down in the Baltic Triangle, 24 Kitchen Street has built a reputation in the last year for putting on the best in connoisseurs’ techno, house and electronic nights. The converted warehouse has attracted some of the best DJs in the world and has a host of fantastic regular club nights.

Other Places To Check Out

If you prefer live music, the beloved Kazimier (4-5 Wolstenholme Square) puts on by far the best gigs in the city – but hurry as it will close down for good on 1st January 2016. For a more traditional boozer, The (little) Grapes on Roscoe Street always has a fantastic atmosphere with a diverse clientele as well as a great little beer garden. For your late night snack try Nabzys – cheap, cheerful and tastey!).

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