The Beatles Story team up with local artist to celebrate 50 years of the Abbey Road album

The Beatles Story commissions local street artist, Paul Curtis, to bring a special glimpse of Abbey Road to Liverpool, in celebration of the album’s 50th birthday. 

In 2019, the world celebrates 50 years of yet another iconic Beatles album, and to mark the occasion the award-winning Royal Albert Dock based attraction has teamed up with Liverpool’s top street artist to create a very special mural for the public to enjoy. 

The Abbey Road album, which was released on 26 September 1969, was the band’s last to be recorded and features hit songs such as ‘Come Together’, ‘Something’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’. Perhaps what is most significant about the album is its cover artwork, depicting the four Beatles crossing Abbey Road outside of the London-based EMI studios where they recorded most of their songs. 

The album cover is recognised all around the world as one of music’s best-ever, and now people can ‘Come Together’ and become part of it, not in London, but on the streets of the band’s hometown in Liverpool. The new artwork can be found on Grafton Street, on the outside wall to the increasingly popular Cain’s Brewery Village. 

The interactive artwork is inspired by the album’s cover and depicts the scene of the famous London-based zebra crossing used by the band. Members of the public are encouraged to stand in front of the mural to recreate the famous crossing scene and to share their photographs online via social media. 

Paul Curtis is perhaps best known for his ‘For All Liverpool’s Liver Birds’ street art unveiled in late 2017. His representation of the Liverbird wings has been enthusiastically received by locals and visitors to the city alike, including recently Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

He said about the project: “I have been a fan of the Beatles ever since I made a tape of my Dad’s White album when I was 14. It made a massive impression – I went out and bought a guitar and joined a band soon after. The Beatles have been important to me ever since. So, when The Beatles Story called me and tabled the idea for this mural, I was fully on board! In some ways it is unusual in that without the Beatles, it is simply a suburban street scene, but it is so iconic that people recognise it from just some tarmac, trees and a couple of cars.

“I hope that people enjoy the new work and becoming The Beatles themselves. I look forward to seeing all the photos of people just having fun with the backdrop. In that sense, it is similar to ‘For all Liverpool’s Liverbirds’, the main point is that people enjoy it and that it brightens their day!”


Visitors to award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’ attraction can discover the story of the band from their early humble beginnings in Liverpool, to performing in Hamburg, recording at Abbey Road Studios, breaking America, their ’68 trip to Rishikesh, and beyond into their solo years. 

More than just a museum, the attraction features an immersive area dedicated to the London-based studio and includes several items of authentic memorabilia from the band’s time there, such as the ‘Holy Grail’ demo disc presented by Brian Epstein to George Martin in the hope of getting the band a record deal and original handwritten notes from their Help! recording sessions. 

Fans of the band should also look out for the attraction’s programme of Abbey Road themed events including guest speakers and child-friendly craft workshops. The workshops are free to attend, taking place during half-term and school holidays and are ideal for all members of the family to enjoy.

Diane Glover, Marketing Manager at The Beatles Story, said: “We’re looking forward to celebrating another important 50th anniversary this year and celebrating the amazing legacy the four Beatles have left for the city of Liverpool. We hope members of the public will enjoy this amazing street art by Paul – another local lad making a name for himself through his art form – and get involved by recreating that iconic crossing image.”

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  1. Virginia Abreu de Paula

    1 month ago  

    How amazing! Such a great idea.Congratulation to Paul Curtis. But I have only to inform it is not correct to mention three songs from the album,…as that could be possible. The Beatles albuns since Rubber Soul have all songs like number one songs and they can’t be separated. It is enough to say the album’s name! Abbey Road is like a symphony. Please to split their songs. We need to listen to all of them.

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