There’s a man auction coming to Liverpool for Valentines Day

Looking for a date but sick of swiping left? Had enough of waiting for your dream guy?

Then stop what you are doing and get Valentines Night in your diary as for the first time ever in Liverpool you will be able to bid for a date.

Coyote Ugly Liverpool opened in November on Bold Street, and it already has the town dancing on the bar and reliving their favourite moments form the cult film.

One of the best scenes in the movie is when Adam Garcia is auctioned off for a date with Piper Perabo, and afterwards true love follows.

Now it’s your turn to make this a reality and possibly follow in the footsteps of the stars.

Men if you want to get involved then email with a photo, short bio and details on why and how you should be sold off.

Girls, get the cash ready, grab a bevie and prepare to bid!

There are no airs and graces at Coyote Ugly, just a great atmosphere, top tunes, hearty American food and a brilliant show. The music is loud, the liquor is hard, and the female bartenders, known for their dance routines on top of the bar, serve a little bit of attitude with the drinks.


1. You may get wet
2. You may lose items of clothing
3. No men on the bar
4. No touching the girls on the bar, even if it’s your wife or girlfriend
5. If you pick a bad song on the jukebox, it may be skipped
6. If you’re easily offended, this bar isn’t for you
7. Be nice and have fun
8. Drink responsibly
9. We may be filming
10. Ladies no stilettos, flip flops or bare feet on the bar

What are your plans for Valentines Day in Liverpool? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook and tag us in on Instagram as we prepare to see our city loved up like never before.


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