Thom Morecroft performs ‘Coming Up For Air’ from his new EP

On January 27th Thom Morecroft will we celebrating the launch of his brand new EP, Hand Me Down, at the Scandinavian Seaman’s Church on Park Lane. We got him into the Bay TV Liverpool studio to perform a very special track from that EP, ‘Coming Up For Air’. Don’t miss him on the next episode of The Guide Liverpool where we’ll be getting treated to another track from Thom, Thursday 28th Jan at 8.30pm.


Also, one for the calendar, Thom will also be appearing at Lost Inhibitions at Constellations on February 27th so definitely don’t miss that. For more information check out Thom Morecroft on his website, Facebook or Twitter.

The Guide Liverpool

Thom Morecroft – Hand Me Down

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