Total Eclipse of The S*n Campaign will clear Liverpool shelves once and for all

Following the long awaited Hillsborough verdicts back in April, the city has come together for a number of memorial events and now a new campaign to rid the region of The S*n newspaper, has come to the fore.

We had a chat with Total Eclipse of The S*n to find out how we can all get involved.

The campaign aims to clear the regions shelves of the S*n newspaper once and for all and the message is being heard loud and clear with over 100 shops, petrol stations and supermarkets giving the rag the boot since it began less than 8 weeks ago.

Set up by Hillsborough survivors and a team of dedicated administrators the Facebook group has more than 15,000 members and is growing rapidly with support from Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson, Councillor Gary Millar and Liverpool City Council

Total Eclips Gary Millar

The Total Eclipse of The S*n page promotes establishments that don’t sell The S*n, with daily photos of shops, petrol stations, cabs and supermarkets proudly displaying their posters.

They said: “This is our city, not News International or New UK.

“We will decide what is offensive and what isn’t and we will decide what’s served up on the shelves of our great city, not Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s. The S*n is not welcome here and together we are showing it the door.”

The success of the campaign is based on positivity and people power, as Liverpool locals have come together to encourage stockists to stop selling the paper, guided by pre-printed letters and posters from the Total Eclipse of The S*n Facebook page.

Total Eclips Support from Joe Anderson

The group also provide support to local independent newsagents who struggle with ruthless distributors applying pressure to continue stocking the newspaper.

Now Total Eclipse of The S*n is calling for your help to spread the word and support those who display campaign posters with your custom.

They said:” When you go into your local supermarket, take any copies of The S*n to customer services and lodge a complaint about it being sold.

“Ask a manager to put them out of sight while you shop, or take your custom to a shop that supports the campaign. The supermarket staff are behind us all the way and every complaint will mean head offices across the country will have to hear our voices.”

So until the likes of Sainsbury’s and Tesco take notice, grab your milk from a shop that supports the campaign instead! Power to the people!

To pledge your support and access posters and information leaflets go to or tweet @totaleclipse96


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  1. Karl P. Mann

    3 years ago  

    It would be really nice to see them pay for all their wrong doing. I hope this effort pays off, and soon we see newspaper stands all across the UK with not a single copy of the Sun on them. 😀

  2. Jed Bland

    3 years ago  

    Given the fact that Lord Sainsbury is financing the Tory-lite wing of the Labour party I doubt you’l get much sympathy there. Maybe boycott his supermarkets altogether?

  3. Wendy Wright

    3 years ago  

    Those who view the Sun on the internet as we sometimes do from another news feed could be asked to use an ad blocker on their pc, tablet or phone to stop them getting income from their advertisers. A google search for ad blockers will give you the appropriate one for your device.

  4. 3 years ago  

    Trinity Mirror Merseyside, the Echo’s parent company, is one of the North West’s largest multimedia providers reaching more than 900,000 adults every month.

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