Travel: A Scouser in the Philipines

By Jon Lines

It’s blog number two for our scouse traveller, and the journey has begun…

So let’s begin as we always do with any great British holiday, waking up at 4am to journey to our airport, to start are great adventure. We were traveling from Manchester airport terminal 3 and expensive place to get to if you don’t want to drive. Lucky for myself I live in Liverpool one of the few places a friend will pick you up and drive you and all it will cost are a few jelly sweets and good conversation. Thank you Peter.

IMG_0565 (2)

We arrived at the airport on a cold September morning and checked ourselves in. Now I am not saying it was cold but having the air con full blast in let’s face it winter might be a bit much. But despite this I was full of anticipation and excitement but kept a calm demeanour, as this is the British way when traveling. We jumped on are first plane heading towards are destination the Philippines.

Now I will have to skip ahead a bit as the next 18 hours are a bit of a blur. Let me just say the food was bad the sleep was worse and on are 11 hour flight to china we were not allowed to use are phone at all. That’s great for a Selfie sabbatical but not for my boredom.

We arrived at the capital Manila a full day later and in my delusional state bumbled into are car and headed off to the hotel. We were staying at the Marco Polo Ortigas just outside the centre of the city. A distance about that of Stanley Park to Crosby, a short journey you might think but then we experienced the amazing traffic Manila was famous for apparently. So we were in are pre booked taxi for around 90 minutes before we arrived costing us 1300 Pesos. A lot you may think but really only £18 not bad if I say so myself.

Once we arrived we were greeted with what I can only imagine a celebrity feels when they travel. I was called Sir a custom I am still not too comfortable with. They took are bags and pressed the elevator for us extravagant to say the least. Our room as one of the pest views overlooking the entire city a sight to behold. Little did I know what was coming in the next few days?


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