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#TrendingLiverpool – What’s been happening this week? 25th July

By Dale Robert

Lead image @itsliverpool

Another week done and dusted and as per usual we have seen endless tweets about every kind of subject imaginable. Here are my top 10 for the week.

We seen a Heatwave descend on the UK and our gorgeous city. Creating beautiful pictures and as always, exhibiting beautiful scousers in their best summer clothes. I’m not talking about myself and my white legs in shorts either.


I have a lot of time for this tweet..

Every scouse Mum said this..

Donald Trump tweets continue..

This is brilliant

Julie was modding it up..

Scouse Scene with a blast from the past..

A great anniversary to mark

Getting more scouse with pub boards..

Here are some updates from LIMF this weekend.

Let me finish by showing you a few tweets from one of my favourite accounts on twitter. This lovely lady uploads old photos from around the city every single day and it always amazes me just how much our great city has changed over the years. Let me leave you with this.

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