Want to get fit in the New Year? Check out this new website for Merseyside & Cheshire!

Doing more sport and exercise are top of so many people’s New Year ‘to do’ lists … what often stops their good intentions is how to get started.

But a new Website promises to change that, bringing together hundreds of sports, classes, clubs and more, across Merseyside and Cheshire.

SportW3 is an interactive one-stop shop for what you want, where you want it, when you want it.

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“It can be hard to find a sport or activity which suits a person’s needs and ability,” says SportW3 director and founder Tina Burrows. “And, even when they find that sport or activity, it’s harder still to discover where it takes place, if it’s close to where people live (or even work) and, of course, when!”

“So SportW3 does that for you, coming up with a list of pursuits and where they are being held, all tailored to people’s exact requirements.”

Tina, from Wirral, has spent her life getting people fit and active, with a variety of roles including that of PE Teacher, Regional Development Officer, Professional Squash Coach and University Lecturer.

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This Mum-of- three has worked with England Squash and Racketball, won Coach of the Year twice (Merseyside & Wirral), received Volunteer of the Year and been awarded the Torch Trophy Trust for her services to Sport.

Now she has made it her mission to get everyone moving – she has created an easy-to- use Website to help make it happen.

Tina says: “The first step is often knowing which Sport or Pastime you want to get involved in – but I discovered that even then it’s not always easy to find information about it. And if you don’t know what you want to do, it can be almost impossible.

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“SportW3 lists a host of different sports and activities, and hundreds of places where you can take part, detailing professionals, clubs, events, venues, camps and classes from larger gyms and activity centres to smaller sessions in the church hall at the corner of your road.

“All people need to do is to go onto www.SportW3.co.uk. Search via the local interactive map, select a category, or type in a chosen Sport, Activity or Area. Just click on your selected page for all the details – easy-peasy!”

The Website currently covers the wider Merseyside area but Tina is hoping, eventually, to extend it to the whole of the North West and beyond.

“It can help people discover which Sport or Exercise might suit them, and then supply all the details so they can email the organiser, phone or text for further information.

“People can be nervous about turning up to a Class not knowing anything about it, or anyone else who is going to be there, so being able to make that contact in advance takes that worry away. It gives people the confidence they might need to take that all-important first step, which can be the biggest obstacle, especially if it’s something they’ve not tried before.

“Too often, we use a lack of knowledge or information as a reason to put off doing exercise – but now you can find hundreds of classes, sports, venues, events and activities.”

SportW3 (What, Where, When), ‘making the invisible, VISIBLE!’

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