Watch as we take you behind the scenes at Knowsley Foodbank

Learn more about the Big Help Project as it tackles poverty and food inequality in Knowsley.

Did you know over a tonne of food is given to people in need across Knowsley, every single week? Supported by The Trussell Trust, Knowsley Foodbank and The Big Help Project believe no one in the local community should have to face going hungry.

Thanks to your generous donations, Knowsley Foodbank is able to provide people in crisis with three days worth of food for them and their families. The Big Help Project is a not for profit organisation and a vital strand of Knowsley Foodbank which offers additional services.

The Big Help Project staff and volunteers work to help those in poverty with additional support in the form of debt advice, baby basics, employment and training support and a number of youth and wellbeing initiatives.

Watch above as we meet Sue Torpey from Big Help Project to find out what happens to your donations.

It’s easier than ever to donate to your local foodbank with many of us making regular donations at supermarkets, churches, schools and even at the match. Sue and the team of volunteers at Knowsley Foodbank were overwhelmed by people’s generosity this Christmas, however they know just how quickly the current stock will be depleted.

Every day the staff and volunteers collect, weigh, sort and distribute donations. From staple items such as beans, pasta and rice to tinned soups, cereal and tea, Knowsley Foodbank strives to go the extra mile and provide families with children some additional home comforts such as juice, coffee and chocolate biscuits. Things we often take for granted.

Alongside the list of essential items, Sue explained that some every day items are in short supply, she said: ” We’re always desperate for milk and juice and tins of fruit and rice pudding. But also we try very hard to give out other things like toiletries, sanitary products, babies nappies, some household goods like washing up liquid or washing powder, things like that.

“We never want to take away from the people who donate the food items, because that’s the core of what we need, but to have those extras….even some treats like sweets or nice biscuits, coffee or hot chocolate for kids, would be great.”

Knowsley Foodbank operates 10 distribution centres across the borough and at the end of 2014, it had supported more than 8,000 people. As more of us struggle to meet the rising cost of living in the UK, Big Help Project has developed a new way to tackle food inequality.

Big Help Food Clubs stock short shelf life food from a number of large supermarkets and invite anyone from the local community to become a member and buy quality fresh food at a reduced cost. Members are guaranteed to select 10-15 items per week. Membership is £3.50 a week in cash or £12 per month via standing order and operates on a first come first served basis.

With another two regional Food Clubs set to open in the coming months, Knowsley Foodbank’s efforts are not only appreciated by the local community, they’re being recognised on an international level too.

Big Help Project’s Julie Ledens said: “Nelson Mandela’s eldest daughter and granddaughter are coming to Liverpool for a three day visit, The Big Help Project is a sponsor of this event so we’ll be attending a civic reception, a fundraiser and a community event with the special guests.

“Knowsley Foodbank is a rewarding place to work anyway but opportunities like this, you just wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

To find out how to volunteer at Knowsley Food Bank and Big Help Project and to find out where you can donate food and essential items, head to or for more information.

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